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  1. Have you considered the Diana Brimblecombe centre in Hurst? http://www.dbarc.org.uk/ We got our cats from them but they rehome all kinds of animals including chickens occasionally.
  2. I definitely second the suggestion of an extra feeder. You won't believe the amount of food they eat when they start to lay! Regarding the weekend away, find nice little hotel with a good restaurant & stay in all weekend Then it won't matter what the weather is like outside! Have a nice time.
  3. If you're stuck for housing, I may be able to loan you a Mk 1 eglu & run for a short time. I used it when I got my new girls but as they are all living together in the cube now, it is currently empty. You could then say the chicken really likes living with your others & must stay!
  4. My OH is currently working in the Indianapolis area & came across the story below. I (& I'm sure just about everyone on here) don't agree with the opening sentence! http://www.flyergroup.com/local/local_story_205123100.html
  5. For anyone who's into planes & flying, I can highly recommend this group - http://www.airraceuk.co.uk/index.php which OH & I belong to. It costs nothing to come along & watch (provided you happen to be near the appropriate airfield). The members come from every walk of life & are not the slightest bit stuffy & the social scene is brilliant!
  6. I have a Griffin I-trip which I find very good. You find a frequency on your radio without a station on, select the same frequency on the I-trip & bobs your mothers brother! It needs to plugged into the cigarette lighter socket so will also charge the Ipod at the same time. The fiddliest part is trying to find a clear frequency! You may find when you drive through a new area that you pick up local radio stations which interferes with the Ipod.
  7. I've done the one at Bracknell. Shaking with fear before I started but very proud of myself after I managed to get all the way around. Love to do it again.
  8. But i bet this one really did hurt - see link. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cornwall/7389906.stm 210g !!
  9. I also immediately thought 'Aspergers' Our son is confirmed but we are almost certain that my OH is one also. I saw this Edward Monkton card a while ago & thought it so appropriate that I bought it. OH has it proudly displayed on his desk at work! He is an engineer by trade so he can indulge his trait to his hearts content!
  10. Well, OH has done himself proud & finished the run over the bank holiday weekend. Here are a couple of pictures & also a link to a slide show if you're interested in seeing the various stages. [/img] http://s258.photobucket.com/albums/hh253/Faberge1/?action=view&current=aaa0347f.pbw They now have LOADS of room so they're not going to guilt trip me by pacing up & down when they see anyone coming. We're intending to got some more hens in due course too.
  11. Red is gorgeous! I love my red cube. I've also recently bought a second hand Mk 1 eglu which was originally the same colour but has faded badly to a terracotta colour - it is being repainted to match the cube!
  12. I'm just outside Wokingham if that's not too far for you & I have a cube you're welcome to come & see. I should imagine you'll get very near the original price for such a new eglu if you sell although if you're intending to get more chooks you may want to consider keeping the eglu for a while as introductory accommodation for the newbies. I recently bought a Mk 1 for this purpose.
  13. I have a red cube! It's fab - see my signature. Diane, you'll love it - congratulations.
  14. When I click on the link, this is how the log-in page look for me. [/img] Also does not show our original purchase of the cube as this was made when visiting the Newbury show & not via the website.
  15. How about go-karting? My son loves it! There are several indoor circuits in Surrey - they provide everything you need ie overalls, helmets & gloves (& the kart too of course!). Then out for a pizza afterwards!

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