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  1. Oh, I did a couple of these maybe a year ago now? Because someone posted it on here. It was strawberry hats then:
  2. Sounds fun! Good luck Lewis I'm sure you'll have a great time...remember, less talky, more worky
  3. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember I do it through school. In primary school and high school there has always been one teacher who gave out the forms and most people made a box up. You choose the gender and the age bracket you wish to buy for and then just fill it up accordingly. It was amazing watching them all stack up in the classrooms
  4. People who start but don't close brackets
  5. Good night Lewis(who named a lavender frizzle Quigley ) And good night everyone else, I'm off to bed.xxx
  6. I shall be here too I heard the word cake love you guys, see you later, geography revision is calling
  7. evening all, hope you're all okay, thread seems to be kinda dead. er, CPR anyone? Lovely sunny weather we're having
  8. ohhhhh. okay. but that wasn't what I was thinking
  9. Sister had a good birthday eh? Lewis? I have a theory, don't know if it's right...care to explain?
  10. It's reeeally sunny here Sister's out with a friend soon so I'm going to wrap her birthday presents and make her cake for tomorrow Yolko does this...it looks really funny
  11. Poignant was the word that came to mind here. It was really good. Loved this and Life on Mars.

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