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  1. Thanks all for your views. The main reason that i was told that Eglus were rubbish, were that the roosting bars are too close together, but I was then told that most chickens bunch up close together at night anyway for heat and for protection against predators. I assumed that this meant that there were more droppings to clean up. Well, if I was going to clean it daily anyway, it doesn't make any difference anyway!! I think that i may have found someone willing to sell a Classic and run, plus additional fencing, covers, perches etc. She is actually looking to rehome her three hens too, but they are 4 year old ex battery chickens, so i know that their egg production and life spans may be low. I have offered to see if I can find a good home for the hens first. I still need to find out the price for all the equipment yet. A figure of £250 was mentioned, but that came from a third party.
  2. Thank you! That was really helpful. We get a paper every day in the week; I usually keep them for my son and his guinea pigs, but also take them to our local wildlife rescue. However, I still have plenty spare. I suppose a Classic is closer to the ground, so the only difference would be to kneel down.
  3. Hello everyone, I spent 4.5 hours sitting listening (yes, painful!!) to a couple yesterday who were running a 'foundation course in keeping chickens in your garden' course. I won't say who they were, but they advertise in a well known poultry magazine, and their website etc sounded really good. Anyway, i have no doubt that they know a lot about chickens , but i'm not sure that their 'vision' is the same as mine regarding happy hens. They dismissed Omlet Eglus as being the worst type of coop going, mainly due to 'the roosting bars being too close together', and ease of cleaning. (Run and coop). However, i see the what to me are the positives, such as fox proof runs, and what I perceived as plastic should be easier to clean out than wood. I don't have the space for a large covered run, nor will I have more hens than will be happy living in a 2m run. My main ask then please, is are the Eglus (Gos and Classics) hell to keep clean? I am not a lazy person, I get up early every morning to feed the wild birds in my garden, who have fresh food and water every day, and I clean out their feeders regularly. I also have other pets who are properly cared for, so i quite expect to have to clean the chickens on a daily basis. When i saw how the couple kept their chickens, I was not that impressed. They were not cruel, but it would not be what i would want for chickens in my care.
  4. I shall rethink my first site then which is in dappled shade. Thank you
  5. Thanks. I’d forgotten that one of the reasons that I liked the Go Up to begin with was that space underneath the nest box.
  6. After reading comments on here from experienced hen owners, I know that there are different views about Eglu Classics and Go ups. Please tell me which you prefer and why. This should help me make an informed decision on which to buy. (I only want to keep a couple of hens by the way.). Thank you.
  7. Thanks for all your help Dogmother and Patricia, and apologies to the original poster for asking so many additional questions. I now think that I’ll place the chickens within the shade of my house, on slabs and aubiose with tarps over the run. Just a quickie; I understand that aubiose is wonderful to keep clean. Do you just remove the obvious mess daily, and then replace properly only now and again?
  8. I am really interested in this thread as I am contemplating getting a couple of hens in the spring, (and am doing my homework thoroughly by reading lots and lots of books etc). Dogmother; you mention covering the run etc with tarps. What do you do in the summer? If I kept my chickens as you recommend above, I would be concerned that in the summer they might bake. How would you stop the aubiose getting wet if it rains then? Do you just use sun shades? Also, if you have an Omlet eglu and run, do you lift the entire unit away for cleaning or squeeze through the opening? I haven't actually bought an Eglu yet (and have only seen one in the 'flesh' briefly). I bought additional land last year to extend my garden. As it has not yet had 18 years worth of compost adding, the area which i have free for chickens is heavy clay that is not free draining. I have been scratching my head about the best flooring for the chicken's health. I have allowed myself time to get the site 'right' before bringing home hens.

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