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  1. Have you tried contacting a local tree surgeon? My woodchips came from my own tree wood being chipped, but the tree surgeon said that he has loads, and would be happy to supply more if needed. I added a horse bedding (that came with my hens and coop) to the top of my chips, but the hens have mixed it in nicely!! I poo pick the bits that i can reach with a cat litter scoop and put them into my compost bin. I intend to sprinkle Bio dri inside once a week. At least i can fit through the door on my classic run to crawl in to do it!!
  2. Thanks for the replies Dogmother and Patricia. I've stopped weighing the food now. I will remove the tarpaulin once the weather improves. The hens seem happy; I have just finished a week of feeding them with Flubevent pellets and I didn't see a single worm. Hopefully when the weather gets a bit drier, i can move my run fencing for them to do a bit of pest control before I get my seeds in the ground.
  3. Hello, I have now had my three hens for a week, and we have a nice routine. However, I have a query; currently i weigh out my layers pellets and put them out in the 'grub' just before I open the door to let the hens out. By about 4pm the hens have eaten all of the pellets. I then give one handful of corn per chicken to tide them overnight. they are in the coop by 6pm. I currently open up at about 6.40am after feeding my cats etc. With the day light getting longer, they will be without 'food' (other than what they can dig up in the run)for longer. The simple solution appears to be to feed them more, and just bring in what is left over at night (I bring in the feeders overnight). Is that what other people do? Also, with the sun rising earlier should I be opening up much earlier? I am loathe to open up too early as my cats stay in overnight to keep them and the wildlife in my garden safe.(and I'd need to run the gauntlet of them to get to the hens) I cannot attach a door opener ( I don't think) as I have a classic, and even if they did come out earlier, their food and drink would still be inside. The hens are 'chattering' when i go out to let them out too. And finally..... my 4 m run is currently completely covered with a transparent tarp, although i have lifted a corner near the coop to allow the prevailing wind to blow through and out the open end at the door end. We are only having weak sun at the moment if any at all, so i am not worried about it getting too warm yet, but eventually i will pull back the end piece and replace it with a shade. How do other owners with tarps cope with the changing weather? I am on heavy clay soil with a covering of wood chip from my garden and horse bedding. Thank you!!
  4. Okey dokey. Into the compost bin they will go. The hens are doing well. They let me handle them, and will now follow me from the run to the fenced area whilst I do ‘maintenance ‘ in the run, which today involved adding horse bedding ( like Aubiose). I even crawled through the door to arrange it inside( luckily no one locked me in there!)
  5. I’m just cooking and was wondering whether i could boil my non green potato peels and carrot tops for the hens? There is only a small amount. I’d not safe, then they will head for my wormery! Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I shall stick to layers pellets and only give the occasional ‘treat’. I allowed them into a fenced bit of garden whilst I added the 2 metre extension on , and they were finding stuff in the soil. Luckily I covered up my plants there with pots. The worming pellets are due to arrive tomorrow.
  7. Thank you. That’s really helpful. I hung up the cabbage on day one and I they pecked fairly small pieces. When I gave them the cauliflower, they picked the soft bits and left the hard stalk. They only had a small apple but I will only do that in future now and again.
  8. My chickens arrived on Saturday. They appear happy and I have had three eggs a day (one each). I have been giving a little green food and fruit every day. However, i cannot find any guidance on amounts in any of my many books about what is an acceptable amount. With most other animals that i have owned, too many greens can make them unwell. So far i have given one large leaf of cabbage, an apple and a half, the bottom leaves of a cauliflower. (Over a period of 3 days). Does anyone have any snippets of wisdom on this? The hen's previous owner gave me a list of what they like to eat, so i know what type of foods to give, just not amounts!
  9. Thanks. I've just ordered the wormer that you recommended above. I presume that any poop that the birds expel after eating the wormer will contain worms. Would this be safe to compost? (I compost everything and have seven bins). I am guessing that it would be as the worms would be dead and not of interest to any other creature.
  10. Ah, looks like i will be buying a proper wormer then. When should I do this? I have managed to get the hens to come to me today so i have had a quick rummage in their feathers, but am building up to a proper look. They are eating well and laid three eggs this morning (very exciting!!). The eggs were also massive compared to my shop bought free range ones. I have already bought ground sanitizing powder, but haven't used it yet. I'll probably put it down when i have to dismantle the run to add the extra extensions on. The other exciting news from today; i have my first batch of frog spawn in my wildlife pond (which is well away from the hens I might add!)
  11. Hi, the previous owner told me that she’d just puffed them with anti lice stuff as she saw something in them after one had lost feathers at the neck. I haven’t looked at all the bottles of stuff that she gave me yet, so I’m not sure of how soon that can be repeated. I believe that they have regular Verm X added to their food, so hopefully should be worm free. The run is only 2 metres long. I have another 2 metre ext bought last week but one of the panels is wrong, so I can’t join it up. I shall ring Omlet tomorrow and ask them to send ASAP as I agree, 2 meters isn’t big enough.
  12. We did check the parts every way up, and they def look the same. I’ll look again in the morning. Good tip about cable ties, but I’m hoping that Omlet May send me some clips due to their error- we’ll see! Thanks. I’m trying!
  13. Well, what a day!! The wind was relentless and freezing whilst trying to construct the run. Luckily our son turned up and helped my husband as our fingers were frozen and we couldn’t get the run clips to open or close. I ran out of time to add bedding on top of the bark, as time was getting in and I wanted the hens to be able to eat and drink before bed. They managed to look like they were tunnelling for England! Lots of what I perceived to be happy clucks. They already dash towards the door when I called them and shook the corn. Tomorrow I shall take stock of all the lotions and potions that I was given. I bought the Eglu extension A&B, but we couldn’t add them as the two A sides are identical. This will mean a phone call on Monday to Omlet. I shall get extra run clips too. A shame as I wanted them to have a 4 metre run , but we will get there. We are due very heavy rain tonight, so hopefully my tarp set up should keep the run dry. I need to find something to put grit in next as well. Excuse my dreadful grammar. That should have read ‘ call and shake’. I blame the wind for keeping me awake last night!
  14. Thanks Beantree. You have said what i thought initially. I shall pop them into my garage until I have everything in place, then add food, and leave them alone to settle in.
  15. Hello again, I pick up my Eglu Classic and run tomorrow, plus the three chickens that have been living in it. I live an hour's drive away from where they are being collected, and their current owner said that she will pop them into her baskets whilst she dismantles everything ready for me to collect. I have my own cat baskets which the hens will then go into to be transported home. i imagine on arrival home, it'll take me at least a couple of hours to set everything up, (I have the area where they are going freshly wood chipped from trees that i had cut this week, which are currently covered by tarps to keep dry.) Once i have put up the run, I will then cover the inside with Easichick bedding, plus stretch over my new transparent tarpiflex tarpaulin. I shall add water and a little food and then add the hens. My question is; i do not want to overly stress the hens. What should I do with them on arrival home? I could either put them in my garage in their carriers, put them in a quiet area of my garden (if it isn't pouring with rain)in their carriers, or possibly (and I am not convinced that this is a good idea) put up the Omlet fencing that i am also buying, and pop them into a small pen. I do not intend to feed them treats(On arrival)-I want to keep them to a normal as poss routine, layers pellets AM, a little corn before bed, plenty of water and greens to peck from the run roof. I have made up the Eglu extension for the run. I have bought A and B, but not sure now if 4 m will fit. I will decide on that once everything else is in place. I am just hoping that the wind that is currently whistling down my garden dies down by tomorrow!! I shall face the coop to face away from the prevailing winds. Thank you.

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