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  1. We had a bit of a problem with rats in around March of last year, where we would see young rats running across the garden, or in the run with the chickens. I used to have pet rats, so I don’t completely hate them! It was just that I didn’t want these ones inviting their mates around - also a concern was the neighbours, I didn’t want them seeing the rats and pointing fingers at the chickens and it all being a big mess. At the time I was chucking a small amount of corn for them in the run to keep them busy in the morning, food bowls were put on the ground. But when the rats moved in I changed a few things up. All the feeders for the chickens are either hanging (fruit/veg holder is a hanging bird feeder) I used to give them dry layers/corn mix in their bowl, but I changed that to a layers mash mix (it’s like dust, which is not that appealing to rats) and is also in a coop cup not on the ground but hooked on to the side of the run, at the end of the day before they go to bed I go out with a bowl of corn for them to eat from then it goes back in, all food is taken in at night and the water is also thrown away. There is literally no food on the floor, day or night. We also used snap traps to get rid of the rats, think we put chocolate, peanut butter on them and they worked a treat. We put them in places other animals couldn’t get to (I.e in the run) Doesn’t sound nice, but I wouldn’t use poison. Havent seen a rat since, they basically have no real reason to go into the run at night, and even during the day, the food options aren’t that appealing. There were also a couple of holes in the garden which we blocked up. We know it won’t stop them but it just makes it unappealing for them!
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well. I haven’t posted for a while and all is/was going well with my chooks, but I’ve noticed a bit of bullying recently. Bit of background: I acquired two young Pekin bantam hens back in September, then a little strange Silkie hen in around November time. The two Pekin bantams would hang around together with the silkie either joining in or just off doing her own thing. Fast forward a few months, they all started laying eggs in January, nicely sharing the nest box in the Go Up. All three of them have also been broody at some point but I have managed to snap them out of it. However recently over the past few days the more dominant Pekin bantam has been bullying and chasing away her friend who she has been with since the beginning. It’s a bit of chasing and pecking, so now the less dominant bantam is wary of going anywhere near her and if she is near you can hear nervous sounding “bok boks” from her. Bully hen is also really screechy and whiny and they’ve been good for months, not really making too much noise. Yesterday I picked up bully/screechy hen and put her in a carrier as the annoying “sqwaaaaaark sqwaaaaaark” was quite grating and annoying and I doubt the neighbours wanted to hear that all afternoon as she screamed around the garden. The silkie is pretty oblivious to all of this and gets left alone and doesn’t mind hanging out with either of them. Nothing has changed in their routine, they get the run of the garden most of the day now that it’s light, treats in hanging feeders etc. They’re coming up to a year old, does that change anything? sorry for the long post, any advice would be gratefully recieved!
  3. I’m interested in how the door locks, from the video it seems as though the auto door mechanism doesn’t pull the bit up at the top which you need to lock the door in place? How does the door stay shut? And do you need the battery pack it comes with? I’m curious as to why the battery pack is sold separately.
  4. Please let us know how you get on with it as I am looking into getting an automatic door and this seems like the one people use most for the Go Up.
  5. Thanks guys 😊 I usually get 3 eggs a day now too so plenty for us and the neighbours 😝
  6. Turns out she is in fact a girl! 😲 Today I went to let them out and the two pekins bundled out the door whereas Silkie is usually out first. She was sat in the nest area staring back at me (with almost a look of concentration on her) then I hear *plonk* she gets up and there’s an egg under her and she casually walks out the coop with no fuss or noise (thank goodness) 😂
  7. Hi! Can a hen lay 2 eggs in one day? I ask because I have had 3 eggs from them today and I have 3 chickens. Two Pekin bantams and a silkie which I’m not sure is actually a hen. However yesterday I only had 1 egg, so is one of them just “storing” them up and laying two eggs today? This happened again the other day where I can’t remember exactly which day but there was a day where I had either just one or no eggs and then the next day there were three. I check the coop every morning and evening for eggs before they go in. I mean the ideal situation from this is that the silkie is a hen but the fact that I get less eggs the day before suggests otherwise? has anyone else had this? Do your hens lay 2 eggs a day?
  8. Sorry, I mean to let them out of their coop at that time before I go to work, they are allowed in the garden when myself or my partner are around, which is currently on a tuesday and every weekend or if either of us has time off. If neither of us are in they stay in the run. Eventually when it’s still light in the summer evenings they will be allowed out then too when we get in from work! That’s a good sign that the last egg may not be a Pekin one, I’ve gotten quite attached to the little silkie so would be very sad if she had to go. I gave my neighbour to the left some eggs today, and he seemed grateful, and didn’t mention the noise, so here’s hoping he will be OK with some honking!
  9. Also I had two eggs from them this morning, the egg on the far right in this photo, do you think it’s still a Pekin egg, or could it be from the silkie cross (I’m hoping is female!)
  10. Hey all, just thought I’d give an update on the noise/honking! They have been better I feel, over the past few days, today I heard the ‘honking’ noise at about 2 in the afternoon, lasted about 20-30 seconds I guess? It makes me wince when I hear it still, but I guess the living room (where I was at the time) backs on to the garden so it would be a bit louder. I am a bit nervous as tomorrow I am back at work so will have to let them out at about 7.30 and I’m praying for no honking at that time! I am trying to worry a lot less about the noise, today the non problem Pekin I think laid an egg without a fuss (no egg song). I like the egg song and that noise doesn’t bother me too much anyway, just the honking, I will have to explain to the neighbours that I don’t have geese, haha. I’ve read that the honking noises are just a sign of them reaching puberty, and after this, erm... pleasant stage of their voices breaking, I will get the nicer sounding chicken noises as they get older, is this true? Is there at least a chance that these noises will stop?
  11. Hi guys, Me again 😐. I’d just like your thoughts on what sex my silkie is. She hatched out mid August last year and I was told she was female, but by looking at various photos of other silkies, I am having doubts that she may be? She’s crossed with something, the people I bought her from don’t know what breed exactly, but her skin is actually white underneath, to me she doesn’t look like a typical silkie around the face. If she is in fact a boy she will definitely have to go, as my neighbours will definitely have something to say which terrifies me! I’ve uploaded a couple of photos. The ones in the run are from today but I uploaded ones on the grass where her crest is dry and round (today she decided to sit in a spot exactly where the drizzle goes). I should add that the whole roof has shelter on top and I will be buying some covers for the 1/4of the run side which isn’t covered.
  12. I really hope they do settle down as I’ve loved having them up to this point, now I am finding it a bit stressful! Thanks for trying to calm me down a bit about them, as I am finding them quite stressful at the moment, and it’s really sad as up to this point I’ve loved having them! Say if they do find the odd egg noise/random screech/honk annoying if I ask them, what could I say to that? I’m going to give my next lot of eggs to the slightly more difficult neighbour to the left. My garden is very open and there are no trees to block noise or anything like that. Do your bantams make noise early in the morning in the summer? I’m worrying about the neighbours being woken up at all hours as everyone sleeps with their windows open in the summer. Attached is a really bad photo I’ve just taken of my garden, you can just see the coop in the back right corner and the shed behind. Besides that it’s quite open so I guess the sound is quite amplified. We will get on to doing more with the garden, but will small trees next to the coop help muffle the sound a bit?
  13. I really do try not to worry, but I really don’t want the neighbours to hate me or complain! 😞 Today I let them out at 8 o’clock and they hadn’t made a sound before that, but by about 8.15 the honking noises start! They’ve been going on and off for a bit and it’s now 9am. They’re currently shut in the run. In the mornings when I let them into the run I scatter food, give them some veg to peck apart and they have digging trays in there too. Most people are at work now but I’m dreading the weekend when everyone wants a lie in. My bedroom backs onto the garden so I know if I can hear it the neighbour to the right can hear it. Luckily the one to the left has his bedroom at the front of the house. Im seriously thinking of bringing them inside in a dog crate at night then letting them back into their house on a weekend at a reasonable hour, or eventually problem hen will have to go, which I really don’t want to have to do, but it can’t carry on like this all year.
  14. They are adorable but how do they make so much noise?! Haha. I’m not sure if I’m just stressing about it this week as I’m off and I can hear it. I feel as though when I’m going to work and let them out and they aren’t noisy I assume they will be quiet all day, almost “out of sight out of mind” mindset. I have a Go Up with a 3m run. It’s pretty secure and the doors have extra clips on. I shut them in the coop for a couple of reasons: in case rodents try and get to them, I don’t want them dictating what time they get up and out (I was hoping they would be used to this by now and not make a noise until I came down at their set time), and shutting the coop door muffles the noise they make inside the coop, I don’t want them out in the run at 5am causing a ruckus! They were out in the garden today from about 10-5 and didn’t make too much noise apart from one little whine and when they went over to the coop to go to bed, Scrambles (the problem hen) started screeching and whining and then they all went up into the coop. Sorry what do you mean by “in lay”? Do you mean whilst they are actually laying an egg or do I get some down time from this? Will she ever grow out of it? Sorry I’m a bit new to all this!
  15. When my partner and myself are at work, they stay in the run, if we are at home then they can be let out into the garden, we’ve been doing this for months before the noises started. Would putting a bowl of food in the coop help keep them quiet for a bit before they are let out? I kind of wish there was a noisy dog about and screaming kids. The fact that it’s a quiet estate with not that many houses on it makes their noise seem so loud. I’m looking forward to the summer days again as people will be out in their gardens making noise (music, BBQs) so the occasional SQUARRRKKK won’t seem so bad.

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