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  1. They have mastered the ramp now, we do have a block underneath to help though. First egg yesterday too!
  2. Great will get some Aubiose as soon as it’s available again
  3. The girls have settled in nicely, lockdown meaning they are free to roam the garden most days although they don’t stray too far from their run. My little lad loves them and they enjoys a good daily chat with them. At the moment they only have wood shavings as bedding they seem happy with this when they start laying is this still a suitable bedding? thanks
  4. Being very careful with no contact from supplier who was amazing, thanks Newland Poultry! We finally have birds 2 x Pekins and 2 x Silkies all safety tucked up for the night (with a gentle hand up) now will keep them in run till next Weekend then give them run of the garden when home. (Which at the moment is all the time.) Will eventually replace the ugly breeze blocks with some nice heavy pots. Should I put anything in the run to entertain the girls during the day and how soon before I worm them? Cheers
  5. Have a new to me (2nd hand) mk1 cube with 3m run ready to go. Have 10 x slabs so far but need advise/recommendations on setup. Have a choice of possible sites. 1. Mostly in shade against back wall, the area can get quite moist so will need to be prepared properly to remain dry. 2. Grassed area, partial shade still fairly sheltered. so I guess you slab the complete area under run and use an artificial flooring. Then slab over the run edges to prevent fox digging. Any advise greatly received. cheers
  6. Mark 1, all built just need to plan permanent site
  7. Picked up a cube today looking forward to getting all setup! 🐓
  8. Hi happy new year all! After a cube or go up for a new setup. Hereford and Worcester area Many Thanks
  9. Hello I am very interested in getting 3 chickens, and would like a little advise. I have a large garden so plenty of space but thinking either an Eglu cube or Eglu up and go with a walk in enclosure. The ground where I am thinking of setting up the coup a little boggy in winter. Is it advisable to slab the area and lay bark or leave and lay bark directly on the surface? Is the purpose of slabs to fox, rodent proof the coup? I was also thinking of building the enclosure out of these www.buildwithhubs.co.uk has anyone experience of using these? oh yes any eglu’s for sale? cheers

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