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  1. We have rain!...I love the smell of wet paths after a long dry period!
  2. Thank you I can stop worrying now!
  3. Hello all, A little help please....I'm a little confused about private messages. I think I have replied to one but the reply is showing in my "outbox" and not "sent"....have I done something wrong or has it been sent? Thanks in advance Sharon
  4. Welcome home....would you recommend going to Disney for christmas? We've been 6 times before but never later than end of October....We are thinking about year after next and wondered Is it as good as we imagine? Sharon x
  5. Its just luck whether you pay import tax or not.... Sharon x
  6. cammy73

    The Pier

    I love Pier!! so this is sad news But just been on the website and thats down for maintenance A trip to Merry Hill may be in order...... Sharon x
  7. I use Firefix too....my new computer didn't like the other one.... sharon x
  8. Its no good for me...no kids but I have passed the details on to my brother who things he's due some ....so thank you Sharon x
  9. Its sooooo beutiful Cate......fingers crossed....... Sharon x
  10. Ohhhh....very good luck Cate....fingers crossed!!! Sharon x
  11. You are not on your own!! I only discovered this today too!!! Sharon x
  12. I love A Muppet Christmas Carol too..... The Wizard of Oz The Santa Claus 1,2 & 3.... to watch all of them on christmas day would be perfect.....I usually only get to see one or two of them. I also love A Wonderful Life and Love Actually... sharon x

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