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  1. My four girls will be 6 this year. I am trying to get prepared that this could be their last summer but after reading this I hope they do go on until 10 years!! They are such a huge part of my life.... Hoping for some lovely spring weather
  2. I've recorded it as I'm a wuss too so will catch up with it one day this week. I've read the book and it is really spooky but a great read
  3. Definitely do it yourself, it takes 5 mins. I did it and got quite a lot of money back, which was mainly interest for a 10 year period. Don't let a company take a huge part of what is owed to you. If you want help I don't mind telling you what I did, if I have it saved I could even email you what I wrote in each section?
  4. Hi minieggs, keep a close eye on them if they are free ranging and you think the cat will pounce. We have a young cat that visits our garden to chase and pounce on my girls, my Pekins normally alert me if its about but if they aren't and my polands are out I have to put them away. It has twice caught 2 of my polands, one lots of feathers everywhere and i scared it off and the second time I found my the other Poland flat out face down in the shrubs, I thought she was dead! Luckily she was fine and appeared to be playing dead but the cat obviously isn't just playing. It's funny because the girls
  5. Mine love anything, but their favourites are meal worms, pine nuts and cheese. All in moderation of course
  6. Two of mine groom each other, definitely not pecking, they are best of friends
  7. Very sad to see this, I don't get on here as often as I used to but always loved reading Poets post's. She always said what she thought which made me smile and gave great advice. My thoughts are with her family at this as time. RIP xxx
  8. Thanks for the tip about the needles dropping, it didn't occur to me that I would need to be concerned about that However if some you have not experienced any problems I might see how it goes... We just like making their run fun for them and they already love the veggies we hang for them to peck at during the day. They spend less time free ranging in the winter because they have gone to bed by the time we get home in the week Also love the decorating idea Margaret
  9. Does anyone know if real christmas trees are poisonous to chickens? OH has just planted a norwegian spruce in their run but I am now worrying it might not be so good for them and I have seen a couple of them pecking at it?
  10. We are very sad to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you xxx Faye and Anthony x
  11. Clootie - glad they are safe and sound and I hope they remain so x
  12. Thanks for the reminder, I did do my thorough clean out last weekend and powder puffed the girls so lets hope they are all ok for the time being.....

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