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  1. I had 13 killed on flipping New Years Eve!!!! I bought 5 new Marans a few weeks earlier and one would never go in and kept staying out after dark (they live in 2 seperate sheds with two completely covered wire runs) anyway..I was all dressed up in my best gear and went out before guests arrived to see her still wandering around and I thought I'm not climbing in there in all the mud in my sparkly top and best trousers (usually I would but vanity applied on that evening!) I popped out 3 more times until at 1:30am noticed feathers all over the lawn I grabbed the torch and went out to find a hole ripped in the wire and bodies everywhere! That was it - tears on New Years Eve. I found 1 hen inside the shed on the perch as if nothing had happened. My hubby piled loads of stuff against the hole and we left it til morning to sort out. New Years day started off with us getting up before the kids saw anything and out we went with black bags searching for bodies etc..... found 10 bodies and counted 3 missing which included the Maran that caused the trouble. I did a head count and luckily most of my hens had gone to bed in my old shed which I had managed to lock up. A couple of days ago i was talking to a neighbour about the fox attack and guess what?.... she said her hubby was standing outside in her back garden with a friend who was having a ciggy and they heard it, they thought they were making a lot of noise! Why the hell didnt they ring me? May have been able to save a few lives? I'm a nervous wreck now, can't stop checking they are ok, locked in, check out the window the doors shut, shine a torch out the window to make sure it looks locked, silly really but I'm scared they'll come back and fight their way in again. We get loads of foxes day and night as a neighbour feeds them twice a day so the fox population around here is HIGH! Dyan x
  2. Hi Annie I would leave them to it, put them all together, you usually get a few days of bossiness and grabbing of heads etc but its just to sort out who's gonna rule the roost Good luck! Let us knoiw how they get on. Dyan x
  3. Good luck Annie, I've never had anything horrible happen but you do get a few days of bossiness just to sort out the pecking order - it just has to happen. We picked up 12 ex batts on saturday, they are in the end of my top shed so seperate from my others and have a heat lamp 'cus they are mega bald but there are 2 bossy girls amongst them, they'll get it sorted and then they'll go in with my older ones and it will have to change again. Just leave em to it but keep an eye on them. Let us know how you get on. Dyan x
  4. I have a Light Sussex cockerel and its so exciting putting my own eggs in the incubator (or under Peggy my Red/Black Araucana like last year) I'm never sure what I'll get as I have soooo many different hens running with him. So far though I think my brown layers and the Light Sussex girls seem to be his fav. Not sure how long I'll have babies from Bert as hes nearly 4 and limps about, Whats the oldest any of you have had a cockerel for thats been fertile?? Dyan Good luck with your eggs!
  5. Hiya I've had guinea pigs on and off for 12 years now. Years ago when they lived in wooden hutches I used to bring the hutches inside the garage and gave them plenty of straw for warmth and they were ok. Now my 6 live in a converted shed with a wire run attatched (shared with my Pekins and are fine) the shed is in 2 compatments as I have 5 girls and 1 boy, I don't breed them as I always get them from my local rescue centre to help them out. I give them plenty of straw and to be honest even through this bad snow the water has never frozen. If they are in an outdoor wooden hutch I would reccommend covering it with carpet and plastic to keep out the rain. Hope they stay nice n toasty. Dyan Now have 12 Ex-Batts to add to my list
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. I've had guinea pigs for over 12 years and never had one with teeth problems before, this girl came from the RSPCA so you never know the last owner might have given her up due to her teeth costing them £££££'s and didn't tell the RSPCA? Thanks, Dyan x
  7. Guess what I've found this morning?.........She's died in the night She was at the vets again last wednesday, she was booked in for an operation to have the tooth taken away. The vets have cut it back twice (via her nostil which wasn't pleasant) and they said they would give her a general anasthetic and an x-ray to find where it was growing from as they couldn't see any sign of it in her mouth but when my husband went to collect her in the afternoon they hadn't done it, apparently 3 different vets had had a look at her and all decided to leave it well alone, I think they were worried it may be actually growing from inside her skull and didn't want to 'make a mess' so they said to just keep bringing her in every month for it to be clipped off. I went in to feed n water etc and she was there just lying on her side. One of the other girls was sitting with her. Poor girl, just hope it was quick, my hubby said you never know it may have started to grow back after the last clip and its grown upwards instead of out of her nose. Well at least she's not in any pain or discomfort now. Dyan x R.I.P Marble
  8. An update on her condition..... She's outside eating some grass at the moment in the sun with her friends she has finished her course of antibiotics now, there's no sign of any regrowth in her nostril yet. So far so good. Mable: She has a new friend called Zack too .... he came to live with us at the weekend, he belonged to my sons friend Ashley, Zack lived with his brother Cody who died 2 months ago, Ashleys mum felt sorry for him on his own so asked if he could move here to live next to my girls (don't worry, there's a wire devide so no hanky panky for my old ladies ) He's a real sweety, sooo friendly, he's handsome too Zack:
  9. Hiya Yes, thats right, a tooth growing out of poor Marbles nose. We adopted Marble from our local RSPCA shelter on the 28th Feb 2009, and has been a troubled girl since. The day after we collected her from the RSPCA I noticed a huge lump under her chin on her neck, as it was within a week of adopting her we had to take her to the RSPCA's vet which was blooming miles away from us, but never mind, off she went, was lanced and treated with antibiotics. Took a while to heal but all went well. To my horror, yesterday my daughter came running in saying Marble smelled horrible, I looked at her and she did smell, then I noticed something on her nose, I thought it was a piece of hay stuck on so I went to take it off and then I thought it was a bit stuck up her nostril and then I realised it was her tooth. ERRR! I took her to my vet this morning and was prepared for the worse, I thought it would be an operation job at least but he looked at her and said it's the third he's seen but his first in a guinea pig. The good news is she's now sorted (as such) she only has one visible top tooth, the other is growing somewhere where he can't even see, he thinks inside her head???? He wanted to just pull the trouble tooth out but he can't, he can't see where it's root would even be. He had to put a cutter thing up her nostril as far as he could and cut it off the best he could. He said she will probably have to come back to have her tooth cut every month or two as they grow 3mm per day and as the root is still there it will keep growing. He thinks she may have had an accident at some point which has damaged the tooth at it's base but as I have adpoted her I have no knowlegde of it, I don't even know how old she is, her paperwork says 99 years and 5 months She's munching away on some carrot at the mo as if nothing happened with a bloody nose as evidence. Dyan x I'll post a
  10. That was sooooo funny!!!! Glad all was well, I thought it was only me and my family that would be late due to a chicken Dyan x
  11. Hiya I'm glad you have decided to keep Colin. I have a 3 and a half year old Light Sussex cockerel myself called Bert. He is sooooo friendly and such a good boy, he looks after his wives really well when they are free ranging (all 30 odd!!) I must be honest though, although he is extremely quiet for a cockerel (only crows about twice a week) my neighbour recently had a loft conversion done and has heard him crow at 4am and did complain. My hubby has been brill and built a cockerel crate which we call the 'fridge' and I pop him in there at midnight every night. Bit of a job cus he's huge but he's so friendly he's no bother at all, so if you do hear Colin at night in the future, get your hubby to build a cockerel crate too. Dyan x
  12. Looks like a girl to me. My friends male Silkie has a definate pea comb and yours doesn't look like him Dyan x
  13. Hhhmmmm If 'it' was my bird I'd be wondering too does look quite tall and legs look sturdy, is that the start of some hackle feathers too? I have myself had an ex-batt mount another ex-batt so I know they do do that sort of thing My young cockerels make a sort of 'honking' sound before they start to crow, does yours make a 'honking' sound? Fingers crossed for you anyway. I bought 6 Orpington pullets (4 x Gold Laced and 2 x Jubilee) two weeks ago and I'm not sure about 4 of them!!!!! Good luck, Dyan
  14. Hi there gang, I've kept piggies for 12 years now, males and females (never bred from them though, always from my local rescue centre.) My first piggies were 3 boars that were brothers and to start off they were fine, then came the fighting. Only two would fight and one was fine with each of the others. They were in a huge home made hutch so we put a devider in the middle (it already had a bed section each end) and the two fighters stayed at seperate sides and the friendly one would jump over the wire to stay with whichever bro he wanted to that day. In that case I would advise 2 males not 3 and definately keep them away from smelling a girl! At the moment I have 6 girls all together, there was a bit of squabbling to start off but nothing bad and now they are very happy together. I got 3 from my local rescue, then about a year later got 2 more (Mertyl sadly died recently) and then this Easter I rehomed 2 from my RSPCA which bought it up to 6 (I have had 7 in a group with no probs) So if you just want a couple then go for boys, have a look at your local rescue (mine is always overflowing with boys) but if you want a big group then go for girls. Dyan x
  15. OMG thats a lot of piggies I'd like to help but I'll have to check with hubby, I'm in Nottingham and I can't drive and he's mega busy at the mo as his dads in hospital, if anyone else offers a home and are passing my way and would be happy to drop off that would be ideal Good luck, Dyan x

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