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  1. thanks for that we might put some rat poison down the alley way if its ok with our neighbours
  2. i was just making some lunch today when i heard one of our chooks squaking so i went outside to find both chickens safe and sound in the garden. i then saw a huge thing scuttle throuhg the run . i went over and saw a rats head peering out of the house. i shut the rat in the house and then thought that the only thing i could do was to let it go so i let it come out of the house and it ran into the alley outside our house. any suggestions on how to get rid of this rat because i thought about putting poison down but then that would harm the chooks. any help would be appreciated thanks Tom.
  3. shes been laying for about three quaters of a year and we bbuy organic pellets
  4. one of our chooks is laying egg without shell and then eating it ]what is this and how should i prevent it edit - I have amended the title for you - Christian
  5. thanks eglutine girls always going for veg patch (rocket,tomato,lettuce,chilli,mint,chive,blackberry and goosberry.)
  6. dont know if this is serious or not but girls are doing runny green poos with a touch of white any advice please
  7. thanks for advice.been reading other posts eswell. she isnt doing it 24/7 so i think she either is yawning or rearranging her crop but thaanks anyway
  8. hi again, sorry i havent been posting for a while havent had the time(to busy playing with the girls ) in doing so i have noticed that one of them opens her beak right out if you know what this is all about please respond. thanks
  9. my chicken managed to fly over a six foot fence lol how do you clip wings
  10. one of our friends was round and didnt close the back gate after him
  11. hi sorry i have been using the forum lately i ve been away i just posted in to tell you about what happened on wednesday we were watching the simpsons when suddenly we hear a knock at the door its our neighbor asking if we have chickens i said yes and he then said to me that they had escaped onto the main road. iwas in shock but i was delighted to find thatthey were unharmred
  12. Tonight I went to say hi to our girls, Hilda and Betty. However Betty was not herself, no 'bok bok', and she stayed in the run (despite the door being open) and seemed reluctant to move and was lethargic. Her rear/topside feathers were raised, almost like a bump on her back. Do these symptoms mean anything - or is it just being overheated from a hot day? Any ideas welcome, as I do not want to find her in the same state or worse tomorrow as they are now in 'bed'. Thanks.

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