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  1. I don't know if this is your sort of thing but... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Flag-Jake-Morris-ebook/dp/B00CXA0PNW/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1387404961&sr=1-2&keywords=black+flag The only reason I mention it is that until 1-1-2014 all proceeds go to Surf Acton, a Cornish charity which helps service men with PTSD and the author keeps tweeting "I'll be embarrassed if I have to hand over a cheque for & £55.81" I've bought it myself, but I haven't read it yet (still reading the third "Dragon Tatoo" book) so can't recommend it per se. To be honest, it's not really my genre (I read sf or crime novels) but if anybody reads squaddie type novels it might be worth a punt. The most expensive e book I have bought but still only £2.99 PJ
  2. I like Send a Cow, who do a similar thing to Oxfam. But they specifically say that they will not necessarily "send" the gift you choose. For example, if you choose to "send" a cow but the villagers actually need some chickens, a few goats and a keyhole garden then that is what they get. It's all about giving the villagers what they need to support themselves and get themselves to the position where they no longer need help rather than the givers possibly selfish choices. That is one reason I like their approach, although others may have different opinions. PJ
  3. When I was writing my thesis, I had a problem mistyping "field". It would always come out as "filed". I could watch myself typing the letters in the wrong order but couldn't stop myself. This was a bit awkward because my thesis was about electric motors & magnetic fields. This wasn't nearly as bad as the student who, having completed his thesis, allegedly decided he'd spelled the word "tests" incorrectly so he added an extra "e" to every instance of the word. I'll leave it to the readers' imagination to decide where he added it. PJ
  4. We've just moved into a new build house & have Karndean in our bathrooms. "Ooops, word censored!"ody mentioned that special cleaning products exist nor anything about stripping & resealing. They are bathrooms so not a high use area so we'll just keep an eye on them for refinishing. We would probably use normal cleaning products. PJ
  5. Although mine don't really like snow they do come out and scratch round or furtle through the bushes. And despite the weather, one had still roosted in the tree when I went out to check on them. She was wet & had ice in her feathers and she still preferred the tree. Go figure! I normally leave them to it because they semi to be sensible enough to roost in the Eglu if it's bad enough but tonight I thought she really shouldn't stay outside so I posted her through the door PJ
  6. I hope you don't mind me adding another video to your thread. It's a bit long but bear with it. PJ
  7. I can't believe that somewhere like the Eden Project advocates leaving dogs in cars, even in the shade PJ
  8. It's much easier in ice hockey. If you cross the blue line into your own attacking zone before the puck, you're offside. If the puck goes out, all the attacking team have to exit the zone before any of them can re enter. PJ
  9. Not in a magazine but I'm a poster girl for BRSCC In my first year or so of marshalling we had a car upside down at the hairpin at Mallory Park. A photo exists of a group of marshals, including me, around the car preparing to do a controlled roll (driver was still in it). The BRSCC used a copy of that photo as a poster to promote marshalling and it still regularly appears (probably 6 years later) in race programmes. PJ
  10. How about a good news / inspirational story? The Britcar 24 hour race was held a couple of weeks ago at Silverstone. This ran with 4 classes from GT cars in class 1 to semi production (ie pretty much road-car based) cars in class 4. One of the teams in class 4 (running a Nissan 370Z) was Mission Motorsport, a team of ex-servicemen, many who have had serious injuries, who are using motorsport to gain new skills and rebuild their lives / confidence. Their "success" is that they've had team members poached to permanent jobs in the motor industry. None of the drivers had any racing experience a couple of months prior to the race and a 24 hour race is one of the toughest challenges in racing, on drivers, teams, cars and marshals (I had to add that last). One of the drivers has only one leg, one had severe PTSD then had to be rebuilt following a major motor bike accident. They were running in the top 10 overall when they came across a car which had spun on cold tyres leaving the pits at around 4am. The other car was too badly damaged to continue but Mission refused to give up. Over the next 2 hours they rebuilt their car... canabalising the road car of the team boss who was supporting them... who was in bed asleep at the time. They finally finished 17th overall (I can't remember where in class), despite also being assaulted by a BMW in the rain in the last couple of hours. The driver with one leg was voted "driver of the weekend". One of the many articles about the team. http://www.dailysportscar.com/viewArticle.cfm?articleUID=3EE45064-BC8E-B9A8-10B7AA72543E836A I believe they are at Nurburgring this weekend. PJ
  11. Me: I'll have a small black Americano Barista: Do you want milk in that? Me: And recently we were in a well known baker's chain and asked for 2 biscuits @ 35p each. She asked us if we'd like 5 for £1.75? Saving just how much, exactly? PJ
  12. I thought I didn't have any stories but reading this made me think "ooh... ooh..." I want to see your mother in junior school but I can't remember which year. We were preparing for a concert. I was supposed to recite some passage from the Bible with 2 or 3 other girls (Catholic school). The local priest called in to watch us rehe"Ooops, word censored!" and asked for our passage but as the 3 / 4 of us got up he or the teacher said "Not you PJ" so I sat back down feeling thoroughly miserable... What had I done wrong? Wasn't I good enough? Turned out they wanted me to recite a different passage on my own. They don't think about how things are perceived and that I wouldn't realise I was being rewarded not rejected. Glad you've chosen a vocational course After I went to university my mother met my infant school head teacher who asked how I was getting on (and probably about my sisters as well). My mother told her I was doing engineering and she replied "Oh I'm soooooo disappointed. We thought she would do so well". I think she thought my mother meant a car mechanic rather than a "professional" engineer (I have a degree & a PhD and should be chartered if I could be bothered to go through the process.) You can't be Cinderella We had a lunch club in senior school where we learnt Scottish Country Dancing. In the second year we were going to do 2 dances for the Christmas concert. There were 17 in the club from second year (or first & second combined). 2 dances times 8 dancers per set = 16. Guess who got left out? Yes, me! Despite the fact that one of the girls who was chosen rarely turned up for rehearsals and I had to stand in. Yet she was still able to do the concert. I was so upset and am still feeling the outrage as I type this. I'd better stop with those... PJ
  13. Most tablets come with a wifi only variant and a wifi + 3G variant. If you buy the WiFi + 3G you will need a data plan to get best use of it (plus it is more expensive initially) although it does mean you can go online anywhere and not have to find a wifi hot spot. Obviously it depends on how you intend using it, but I didn't see the point of getting a 3G one. I either use it at home (and use the home wifi) or I take it travelling... generally overseas where I wouldn't want to use 3G anyway because of roaming charges. My tablet is smaller than a laptop so is easy to carry around and when overseas I just have to find a Starbucks or McDonalds and get online free (well, for the cost of a cup of coffee LOL). Also, we often manage to find a motel with free wifi in the room. If I needed to be online while away in the UK, I could get OH to turn on the hot spot on his phone but in practice I rarely bother. Alternatively I'd use my phone but I prefer browsing and Facebook on the tablet. I hope some of this waffle was useful. Basically you need to decide where and how you intend using it then decide whether you need 3G or whether wifi is good enough. PJ
  14. 2 of my girls in their tree... https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Byt8gz4l7bTRcnlIa3V5Ylc1bTQ Not the greatest picture but they came down before I could try again (and I can't figure how to post a picture properly from my tablet so I hope the link works) PJ
  15. One thing to be wary of, they might sign you up for automatic renewal unless you explicitly say not to. This may be what you want, in which case no problem, but it might not be and you will have to remember to phone and cancel if you get a cheaper quote on renewal or sell the car. (This, of course, is what I forgot to do and I am now having a fight with my insurance company because they won't actually refund my money until they receive the insurance certificate back, which seems to have got lost in the post) PJ
  16. How much is the car worth? Is it worth looking at third party only? (or third party, fire and theft?) PJ
  17. Adding my 4, new last Friday Plymouth Rock Warren Speckledy Bluebelle 1783 + 4 = 1787 PJ
  18. Thanks for your replies... I'll stop worrying (none of my previous girls were tree roosters, although we had a different set up) I must say, I actually think it's quite nice to see them in the tree. PJ
  19. After having been infested by a fox a "while" ago (longer ago than I care to admit) we have finally built a walk in run (6m x4m) and bought 4 new chickens, which arrived on Friday. We built the run around an existing mature bush (buddlea + something else) and used the Eglu as a hen house. We've had them 3 nights so far and the sleeping arrangements were: Day 1 : 1 in Eglu, 1 on top of compost bin, 2 in the bush (a good 3 feet off the ground) I "posted" the 3 stragglers into the Eglu through the door so... Day 2 : 4 in Eglu (hurray... success) Day 3 : 2 in Eglu, 2 in bush. Hmmm last night I posted the 2 stragglers into the Eglu again but the problem is that, when I do this, they don't end up very far into the Eglu and end up sleeping in the doorway. So does it really intrinsicly matter whether they sleep in the Eglu or in the tree? I'd prefer them to get used to the Eglu so that they lay in there and also I can shut them in when it gets colder to protect them from the weather. But is it "safer" (for a given definition of "safer")? Do you think it is because of alliances forming and changing and the 2 lowest in the pecking order are not "allowed" in the Eglu? Or are they just as happy in the tree? 2 came from one breeder, 2 from a different one, although they all arrived on the same day and the 2 from the second breeder may not have been housed together. Also, one of the 2 found in the tree twice is a couple of weeks younger than the others. This is why I wonder whether it is dominance games. There have been no real "fights", just a couple of squawks, mostly between the oldest 3 (the little one keeps out of the way, although she more readily seeks human company and she's not that little size-wise compared to the others) and there seems to be an order appearing. Am I worrying about nothing or should I persist in posting the stragglers into the Eglu? PJ
  20. If you have Android, try 2xbattery... It saves battery life (mainly) by managing mobile data. I do find it helps with mine, although I do find I'm obsessed with the status icon and the estimated "0% battery in 67 hours" PJ
  21. I hit a cat before Christmas. There was literally nothing I could have done. I stopped to see about taking it to a vet but it was obvious there was no point. I found the owner with the help of two neighbours. Even though it wasn't my cat I was in tears and felt awful for days. How do you apologise for something like that? PJ
  22. OH was refused a beer (for me) in the TD Gardens in Boston on Thursday because he didn't have his passport with him as id and they wouldn't accept a UK driving licence. OH is also 42 and wasn't exactly chuffed. PJ
  23. Actually, the best place to have a heart attack is at a race track. There is ALWAYS medical cover for the racers and also St John's for the spectators. Last year a racing driver had a heart attack during a race and was attended by a rescue unit with doctor on board within minutes... factor in time for marshal to check on him, inform race control, and rescue unit to drive to scene. Sounds as though it might take a while but it's quick in an emergency - the race track in question has 3 rescue units spaced around the track so medical assistance was probably half a mile away. Anyway, I wasn't there and wouldn't give too many details in any case due to his privacy but I heard that if he had had the incident anywhere else he almost certainly would not have survived. I'm not formally qualified in first aid but we have medically based training sessions for the rescue unit. I've done the CPR on a resusie Annie and used an AED training unit and, yes, they tell you what to do and, no, you can't shock somebody if it will harm them. They are so simple I wonder why you actually NEED training on them. PJ
  24. Ah. I hadn't realised that Glad it wasn't just me being stupid. PJ

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