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  1. My lace up boots have just been shipped
  2. Gavin does nothing for me I'm afraid! (maybe because he reminds me of my brother in law!) Matt is by far my favourite dancer, although I though he didn't look confident last night. Excellent performances from Scott & Kara. I've never watched Strictly before, but have become hooked this year. I have to watch it in short bits on iplayer due to my eyes but am really enjoying it!
  3. I love this company and have had short boots from them in the past. I get terribly cold feet, but never have a problem when I'm wearing these! I think I'm about to buy some of the lace up boots, esp after seeing the 10% code!
  4. Well, it's nearly that time again. Raffles is booked in for her spay on Jan 6th and she should be leaving us around the second week of Feb. She is utterly wonderful and of course we will miss her dreadfully. We were hoping to get a female German Sheppard/Golden Retriever cross, but instead are getting a male yellow lab! Lol He is Called "Buddy" which considering our other dog is called "Holly" should raise some eyebrows on free runs! Hopefully we'll get used to the name. We have some insider info from Smudgley again (cheers) and know that he was born on Dec 7th. He'll be with us hopefully on Jan 20th, so we'll get a bit of a cross over this time having Raffles and Buddy at the same time. Will post some pics as soon as I get some. How is everyone? I find the forum a bit much for my eyes trying to follow the threads, which is why I've not been around much. Hope you're all fine and dandy though
  5. We're going to see her on Wednesday I'm sooooo excited. We've got to hide and watch her working in the harness then can have lots of time cuddling her afterwards Will try and remember to post pics, although I'm afraid I'm not on here very much due to problems skimming topics (eyes get too tired) Hope you're all well
  6. Quita is in advanced training now. My husband had a long chat with her new trainer and she seems to have settled in well
  7. Hiya Snowy. Claret just emailed me about this thread. Looks like you've got plenty of help though! You should get your head around the head transposition quickly once you get back into it. Just remember add 2 sharps (or subtract 2 flats) to the key signature and go up a tone.
  8. Hi Cathy *waves back!* No pics at the mo as I can't find my blooming camera! Just sent you a pm though.
  9. Oops I've not been on Omlet for rather a long time. i thought I'd update you as to how Raffles is doing though She's now a "lady dog"! lol She came into season the day we got back off holiday, which was really good timing at the end of the holiday! Having a dog in season can be rather restricting! she's being a model dog really - calms down really quickly when we need her to, walks nicely on the lead and learns very quickly In short, a real delight. How is everyone?
  10. How has it gone? We're having really terrible problems with this at the moment and have tried all the usual things.
  11. I'm really pleased with the gift we gave my son's teacher this year. He's had the same teacher for 2 years and she has been amazing. My son has Aspergers syndrome and the teacher has worked so fabulously with him (one of those teachers who gives her all to her job) he's come on so much in the last two years. My husband and I took in our musical instruments the other week as the class were learning about sound in science. The teacher said that she had always wanted to learn to play the violin and that she was hoping to persuade her husband when she retired. We gave her a voucher for 10 free violin lessons from my husband. She was so excited I thought she was going to cry! When she told the staff about this, they decided to use her collection money (she's retiring this year) to go towards a violin at the local music shop. Didn't cost us a penny, just a little time (a home made gift really!) Normally we just give boxes of eggs to teachers/ Teaching Assistants. They always seem to go down really well.
  12. One of my ex boyfriends is my daughters' god father. I'm really lucky that my husband is completely ok about it!
  13. As many of you know I'm a puppy walker for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and we have a 16 week old puppy called Raffles at the moment. Well, we've now got TWO puppies for the next few days as well as our lovely old greyhound We got a phonecall from our supervisor this morning. There's a lovely little 8 week old golden pup called Pepsi whose puppy walker's daughter has come down with really bad chicken pox and the puppy is just one thing too many for a few days. Pepsi and Raffles have charged around like loons and are now having a very long sleep! Wish us luck! Just got to find somewhere for Pepsi to go now on Saturday, as she's too young to go down to the Puppy Walker's open day and we don't want to miss the chance of seeing our first pup Quita who is in training at the moment
  14. Just started my first batch of cordial Thanks so much for your lovely recipe Kate. I'm making much more cordial/ less champagne than last year as it takes up less freezer room!
  15. Well, they did really well and came 2nd out of the 6 contestants, so he won't be opening for the peatbog faeries on Saturday We are, however going to the seaside for the day instead. There is always next year
  16. 2 weeks as others have said, this is much too soon. Talk it through with your vet. To think we have all this joy to come again with Raffles. We're stuck with puppy walking females as our Greyhound would really object to a hormonal male adolescent! Have fun with the mopping
  17. Well, the final is tonight. He's interviewing potential headteachers all day first (hope they find a nice one!) So hopefully won't be too exhausted this evening. He really really really wants to support the Peatbog faeries on Saturday Remember to keep those fingers crossed!
  18. Wednesday night. Thanks for all the fingers crossed
  19. Yay indeed It's so great that we're both enjoying making music again
  20. We don't actually go in the shop. but get petrol from tescos and use the vouchers to convert into days out tokens. I hope they are still going on too
  21. A few weeks ago I posted a link to listen to my hubbie's band after they had won a heat of a local songwriting competition. Well, they won the semifinal last night and are through to the final next Wednesday. Multiple omlet finger crossing next Wednesday night please!!! (Very proud wife alert!)
  22. It's certainly a family oriented side and there are normally plenty of youngsters running around. A lot of them seem to join the side as dancers when they hit their teenage years too
  23. Hope these answers have reassured you Chicken poo is a particular favourite of dogs, along with cat truffles!
  24. Very Glad to report that Raffles has been really nice for the last few days. Very relieved!. We've really upped the training and she's responded well. I think she's just quite a bit cleverer than Quita! lol
  25. I don't think Guide Dogs would be too happy about that Claret, a Lurcher would maybe not be their first choice of suitable breeds Do feel free to bring her over to play any time you're in the area though

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