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  1. I guess that's bad news for the chickens but I'm pretty relieved because I'm sick of this miserable weather!
  2. Both broodies have done their time now and thankfully they both seem to be over it (for now)! It’s nice to see all three little ones out and about again so thanks for the help guys ☺️
  3. Juno's been in broody jail for a couple of days now. She's not too happy with me but I'm hoping it'll work. I haven't sent Artemis there yet because I haven't managed to waterproof the coop and I can't fit both cages in the greenhouse (it's nice and cool in there since the weather's bad). I think tomorrow evening we'll let her out and see if she's any better. Anyone know if there's something else I should try if it doesn't work or should I just put her back for another few days?
  4. That’s very helpful, thanks! Didn’t realise I couldn’t keep them together so it’s lucky we have 2 cages. I’ll start weatherproofing and getting the crates ready today 😅
  5. We do have a dog crate we could keep them in so I might give that a proper go starting tomorrow, thank you. Oh wow, I hope my girls don’t do that next year. That would be a nightmare!
  6. Not sure how I didn't know how broody pekins are until we got them but I am very aware now. Out of our three Minnie the frizzle is the only one behaving (which makes sense because she's an angel). Juno's been broody for probably almost two months and Artemis had a few weeks off but she's back to it now. If anyone else has pekins and knows any methods to make them be normal that would be cool. I've attached pictures of them because they're cute and I love them, even though they're really annoying.
  7. I've just looked it up, we do have a PDSA near us. Our rooster's been put to sleep now but it could be useful for when any of our hens may get ill. I'll look into it some more just in case we have any more bad luck. Thanks
  8. Just to update anyone following this post, we’re putting him down today. We’ve really tried but I think he’s at a point where even if the stuff we’ve ordered to help him comes today it’s too late for it to make a difference. It’s sad because we got him when he was young and we’ve had him for a couple of years but it’s the kinder thing to do to put him to sleep. Thank you everyone who responded to this ❤️
  9. I have asked if we should ring about costs and my mom just said no. The only jobs I have are voluntary so I don’t even have the option to offer to pay out of my own pocket. Plus, our nearest vet that claims to deal with exotic animals aren’t very good. When we went to euthanise one of our sick hens a couple of months ago the guy said that he never gets chickens in there (also the vets office was completely empty which I thought was so weird). I’ve read some very negative reviews from people who took their exotic animals for an appointment only to be told their pet is fine and having it die a few days later. I wouldn’t particularly trust them to treat my chickens to be honest. I feel really bad and I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I don’t care about my chickens because I absolutely do. I will try to find a better vets and call them myself but, like I said, it’s ultimately not up to me.
  10. The last time we added hens to the flock was in January and they’re Pekins as well. They would never be mean to him. We do have two bigger hens and I’ve noticed that when they all groom together outside the patio door that one of them pecks at his neck feathers. I read up on that and I think it’s a fascination with the colour of his feathers or something. That’s something I noticed ages ago though so I’m not sure if that would be why he’s behaving strangely. I’ll investigate that today and see if that could be it. Thank you ☺️
  11. We did some more oil and water, massaging and tipping yesterday but we didn't get any results. Today we didn't tip him we just gave him oil and massaged him a bit. I think he's slowly improving. He's been drinking a bit, chatting to his ladies and still running away when we try to pick him up which shows that he's not without hope. If it were up to me and money wasn't a factor I'd insist we take him to the vets as soon as possible but I don't make the financial decisions (because I'm 19 and I live with my parents) so really it's up to them. I don't think it's an option because of the financial side of things. We're going to keep doing everything we can at home. If he gets to a point where we don't think he can recover and he's suffering we'll put him out of his misery. If anyone has any more home remedy advice that would be great. Thanks guys
  12. I've just watched that health check video. His comb and wattle look healthy, his feathers are healthy as well, I didn't see any lice or anything and the inside of his mouth looks normal. However, as mentioned he does have a dirty vent and I noticed when we were treating him his third eyelids made an appearance a few times. That could have been because we were tiring him out or something because I haven't noticed that before but it's still worth mentioning.
  13. We'll order those then. We spent quite a while giving him water mixed with some olive oil, massaging and tipping him for a few seconds. I do have a couple of questions about that. Does this produce instant results usually or does it take a while for the digestive system to go back to normal? Also, what are you supposed to see come out? We didn't have as much success as we hoped as when anything did come out it was just grey looking water. Is that still good or should we be seeing chunks of food and grass and stuff? There definitely is something blocking him up. The last time he ate anything was yesterday evening and it was only a couple of unenthusiastic pecks at some corn, but today his crop feels full which can't be normal. We're keeping him a bit separate from the others and we're only going to put down grit and water mixed with apple cider vinegar until he gets better (fingers crossed that he actually does).
  14. I already watched that actually, didn’t realise it was you. It’s a very useful video, we’ll try to follow your method once my mom’s back from her dog walk. I would wait until tonight when he’s calm and settled but I get so worried about them when they’re not well that I get impatient. We have a vitamin booster and apple cider vinegar but I could order some NutriDrops as well if they’re more effective. We give them layers pellets mixed with some corn and usually oyster grit. More recently we’ve been baking eggshells and crushing them to put in their food. He’s not eating as much as usual though so I’m not sure how much of that he’s actually getting.
  15. I meant impacted crop by the way, oops! An update on him today: he hasn’t come out of bed so we’re going to try and empty his crop. We might struggle to catch him and open his beak and stuff but we’ll give it our best

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