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  1. I have been beekeeping the last couple of years, and discovered last year that I am actually allergic to bees (found out the hard way after one got in my suit, stung my face and I ended up in hospital! It means that since then I have pretty much left them to their own devices, at least feeling that if Im proving them with a home I'm helping british bees, they have swarmed a few times and the hive seems very active. However I have recently found that my 1 year old son is also allergic to bee stings (perhaps because I was stung during my pregnancy?!?) now I really feel reluctant to keep them in my garden now as I feel its too much of a risk. So Im looking to see if anyone might be interested in my hive and all my kit? Not sure yet if will sell it complete with bees, or get them relocated first. If anyone has any ideas where might be best to advertise, or is interested themselves please let me know.
  2. The draw back unfortunately of a lot of the fany bantum breeds is they are so often more susceptible to illnesses. In particular mereks. I have lost a couple to it before, I never had an issue with it spreading to the rest of the flock. Fingers crossed it goes no further for you.
  3. Well I have some pretty good news. I got home from work today at 4 and administered the second injection to the flock. I dispatched one as instead of looking better after the first injection it looked worse, so decided it would be fairer to put it out of its misery. As for the rest, when I picked each one up and brought them indoors into better light to inject and bathe their faces I found they all looked great! Even some that had previously had one or both eyes swollen shut and filthy mucus covered beaks where bright and lovely looking, no sneezing, no gasping. I gave them all the second dose anyway. So now its just a case of seeing if it comes back after the drug wears off. From what I have read they never get it as bad as they do first time around, and tend to build up an immunity. So now its just a case of seeing how it goes.
  4. Well I have now had a second chicken die. Hes a pic to show what Im up against (this is the one that died last night) This is the guidelines Im going by on how to deal with it: Treatment Antibiotic treatment will not completely cure the disease but will reduce the incidence to a tolerably low level. Tylan Soluble is licensed for the treatment of mycoplasma, as is Baytril. These oral preparations are effective in young stock but seem to be less effective in older stock. Tylan 200 injection (not licensed for poultry) is effective with 0.5ml in the breast muscle of an adult large fowl, 0.3ml for bantams, 0.75-1ml for adult turkeys, repeated 48 hours later if still sneezing. If still noisy after that the bird must be culled as the organism will be too deeply entrenched within the airsacs and hollow bones to be removed, the bird remaining a carrier which will infect others. So second dose of Tylan is this afternoon, then on Tuesday I will have to look at culling any birds that still look affected. Its unfortunate that at this time of year and the shorter days I don't get to spend as much time with my girls otherwise I may have spotted it earlier.
  5. Right been to vet, its myco. I have injected the whole flock this evening with tylan. Out of my 18 remaining chickens (one had died while I was at work) only 5 are showing no symptoms at this stage. I will treat them all again on sunday.
  6. Yes its def Coryza or Myco, it seems to be the smell that tells them apart. I have a vet appointment in under an hour, will take a couple of the girls along. Just got home from work and had a quick look in the fading light. One dead (not the worst one) I reckon about 10 more now with symptoms of various degrees
  7. CatsCube


    Well today I have discovered a few chickens on my flock have what looks like a clear case of Coryza. One is badly effected and its who head and comb are swollen, so it cant open its eyes and its gasping. On checking over the rest of my girls I would say another 5 are effected some with slightly puffy or cloudy eyes and a couple of swollen combs and looking hunched. I have found an online supplier of Tylan to treat this however realistically I need to think what is going to be the best course of action. From what I have read most likely the whole flock will be infected but treatment means death rate is low. However they will always be carriers and it can pop up at any time again, plus importantly I cannot introduce further birds to them as it will be passed on to them. I have 16 chickens currently and they all live together in the same house and run. Has anyone dealt with this before? Im I likely to have permanently sickly birds where I will keep getting this illness rear its head and chicken losses? Or Im I petter off culling the flock? Its not being a very good run up to xmas in our house when it comes to pets, our Cat went missing a week ago and I have been putting up posters and slips through doors. Kids are devastated, not sure how to break the news on the chickens to them as well.
  8. I have just dispatched him It was a hard call to make as he wasn't in obvious distress. But i figured it was too long a waiting game to play to see if the bones did repair and he may go through a painful and hard two weeks just to find at the end of it that he may still lose the use of a leg or be unable to fly. Due to his tiny size setting or pining the breaks under anesthetic was not an option.
  9. Sorry only just seen replies. Well I was all prepared to be met by a dead chicken this morning or a very immobile one needing dispatching. However he was alive and when I opened the hen house door he went hoping out at quite a speed to bomb around the garden with the others. A couple of the others however decided to have a peck at his dressings. So I decided to bring him indoors so he cant be bullied. I put food and water a box with him and he eagerly started necking all the food. This leaves me unsure of what to do. If he seemed more obviously immobile or listless/off food I would agree and dispatch him. Now Im not so sure.
  10. Right well I have been and investigated to see how he is fairing and its leg is actually broken a little above the hock so I have splinted and taped it although there is limited space to work with. Also the opposite wing is broken so I have strapped the wing down to the body. I don't hold out a lot of hope for the guy as he cant move around very much now.
  11. Okay I think I will leave him for tonight before acting as he may just die from the shock of it all still. I think the best thing for him right now is to just leave him alone in his house to try and recover without any more stress. If he makes it through the night I will act tomorrow. Im slightly concerned about vetinary costs, as being male, were not 100% sure he is going to be kept yet. It was to be one of those see how he goes senarios. I did just read something about shock causing them to go valuntarily lame? Also seen some guides on how to support the hock while healing.
  12. My Little dutch boy has managed to find a tiny gap between the gate and wall and escaped the chicken run. And unto the jaws of next door spaniel. I just retrieved him and I was optimistic at first as he didn't appear to be bleeding from anywhere and was responsive. However when I put in the chicken house I saw him moving around and one of his legs is dragging and at the wrong angle. I picked him up and had a look and it seems like the leg is dislocated at the hock. I cant find a broken bone and his not making pain noises, the leg is moving freely in all directions. and he is hoping on the good leg. I really don't want to dispatch him unless needed. being the joint I don't know if it can be splinted? What should I do?
  13. Well we got foxed last night and lost our whole chicken flock. Im now in the process of working out what our options are at starting again. Were going to hatch our own chicks again, and Im wondering at also keeping a couple of ducks. The chickens we keep are Pekin's and Im thinking of having some Black East Indies ducks as they are also a bantam size. SO I have some questions. Firstly will they live together? I have a large chicken house so plenty of room, but are there compatibility issues? Also I know duck eggs take longer to hatch, but thats okay I assume I just take the chicken chicks out when they hatch and leave the ducks to carry on. Can I keep them in a brooder together, do they have the same requirements, or will the ducklings need water right from the start and in which came need to be separate so the chicks down drown?
  14. Im a bit baffled at my white star. For nearly 3 months she had stopped laying and it seemed a text book case of peritonitis. He bum feathers are a mess, and you could actually see what looked like egg whites leaking from her, she would sit on the nest for hours on end, (at first I thought she had gone broody). Shortly before she stopped she had a habbit of laying rather blood stained eggs. Well last week I had planned to dispatch her as a lost cause (sorry if this offends anyone, but my hybrids are not our pets, they are utility birds to us) Anyway I didn't get around to it in the end, and it seems just as well, the last 4 days she has started laying again (amazingly while she is also going through a moult), and has done everyday since. Now I didn't think they could recover from this? Anyone got any experience of this? Is she likely to continue to have problems?
  15. Well just to update it looks like we will be losing her today She can no longer walk at all. Today one of the leg joints seems to be swollen and she is flinching when touching it. She is still looking around with interest but just laying down. I have brought her inside in a cardboard box to see out the end of her life in a bit of warmth. Today is not a good chicken keeping day, I have also decided to euthanize our white star as she has has egg peritonitis for a while now which I don't see she is going to get better from.

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