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  1. Hi all, my friend who works in a brewery has just given me some bags of malt barley for the hens. They've never had it before, just thought I better check and see if it's ok to give them. Thanks
  2. Thank you, I was wondering about the red mite, how do you cope with that with your shed then?
  3. At the moment got the eglu cube inside a wooden/chicken wired enclosure. However after ongoing problems (ie I moved house a year ago and didn't realise there was a covenant about poultry keeping and the neighbours are a pain in the ass to put it politely and are saying my girls are too noisy)I am wondering whether the solution may be to buy a shed the same size as the enclosure with plenty of windows, put the eglu inside with door always open and then fix the grubs and glugs to the shed walls, therefore muting some of the 'noise'. They hate to be shut inside on a night and the neighbours say that the early morning noise is worse when I lock them in (found this out when I was looking for a solution). Maybe this is the answer? They can come out of the eglu when they see it getting light and get to their food and water. Would also build a small outside area onto the side of the shed that can be opened up later on in the day to give them some fresh air. Does anyone think this would work? I guess it'd be more like they are barn hens but they'd still have lots of room. Would welcome any thoughts/suggestions. To be fair I wouldn't normally go to so much trouble but since my neighbours have the power to make me get rid of my girls because of the covenant I'm trying to find a solution that will keep everyone, including my girls, happy. Thanks xx
  4. poor frenchy had to be put to sleep today
  5. we got our first four ex batt girlies in march 2008, sadly we lost two of them, one at the end of last year and one this year Frenchy and Rizzo still with us although they are now in retirement and probably don't have much longer left. On the plus side we are seeing Adele in Haslingdon tomorrow to pick up another four rescue girlies and are naming them after the doctors companions: Donna, Martha, Rose and Sarah-Jayne Glad to hear Hermoine is doing well xxx
  6. hmmm, I have the same problem with my 'anti-blister' socks, but not when I'm running, oh no, only when I do aerobics in them lol I think maybe your new running shoes are partly to blame too, hopefully it should settle down in a while. Good luck for the great north run - I feel really humble now as I'm only doing the 10k middlesbrough pride run on Sunday Maybe next year
  7. I finally got round to making it! It looked great, and tasted even better - thank you Christine Got some left over for lunch tomorrow too!
  8. I would agree with that Budgies! I'm really pleased I had this rant now because I was thinking I just knew loads of people who were out to upset me!
  9. Actually, maybe if I start nodding and saying yep the pot it'll be for her soon, they will back off and be horrified.
  10. that is so typical! I'm glad it's not just me then
  11. I'm getting rather annoyed about this so I'm just gonna have a bit of a rant about it here because I'm sure you will all understand where I'm coming from. Ok, we rescued one of our ex-battery ladies, Jan, 14 months ago and watched her turn from a very bald shy and timid hen into a lovely feathered cheeky little madam who has never missed a days lay. A while ago she started to produce softies everyday and we haven't had an egg from her for a few weeks now. People who know us always ask how are the girls laying? So I've been telling them great apart from Jan who I think must be coming to the end of her laying life. The general question is then 'oh, so what will you do with her?', to which I reply 'what do you mean, what will I do with her?'. Then I'm asked if I'm putting her in the pot!!! 'NO, I shan't be 'putting her in the pot!', she will live out the rest of her days in happy retirement thank you very much!' And then I get looked at as if I'm daft! What is it about these people?? ok, rant finished.
  12. my girls would be very lucky to get a marmite rice cake off me - I LOVE them and always have them in the house
  13. oooo thank you very much Christine, I will be trying that out sometime this week!
  14. hmmm, just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks
  15. oh! Well it was emailed to me, let me see if I can give you the link: http://www.omlet.co.uk/files/public/newsletter_may_20th_2009.html Hope you can find it from this x

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