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  1. They simply don't exist " Gallina To be honest I'd say its a boy 95% sure , like you said Buffs are placid and calm . Beautiful conditioned bird anyway . Hope you can keep him if its a he . I have a Bramha - Aracana cross cockerel and keep him locked up till 9am each morning , not had a problem with neighbours as yet and he sings just after 9am Lovely having one to keep the ladies company
  2. Check for mites in the coup at night . Treat the coup for mites anyway . Make sure the birds got plenty of food and isn't getting bored in during the day . A tin of cat food can work wonders for a hen thats going through the moult or lacking feathers , so invest in a tin for that bird and let her eat as much as she wants , honestly it'll really help the feathers grow back . Burt make sure the coups not full of Red Mite , shine a torche in the coup at night time , when its dark . You should see lots of silver tiny speckles if there are , maybe there feeding on her blood and irritating her causeing the feather pecking . Just got to eliminate all possibly reasons . Hang a cabbage up to giive her something to do , make sure she has a dustbath area at all times in the run .
  3. Wellsummer lay a lovely dark brown egg and are one of the most elegant birds .
  4. TBH i don't think chickens get too stressed over fireworks . Never heard of any unsual deaths during this period of thye year . Now other animals really lose it , but chickens snuggle up .
  5. I'd lean towards a boy as the young one has a little tail carriage and is big for a buff . Although the comb isn't that big , so may be a girl .. Time will tell Have you noticed any dominance from the wee one towards your other birds of the same age ?
  6. Maybe if they had a change of diet they'd lay . We all have chickens for different reasons , but IMO to pass on an old timer just cause they aren't laying If we all adopted the same attitude about our animals when they get old and don't perform so good , Battersea dogs home Woodgreen animal shelter , ect ect would be packed of animals Now if they had been breed for meat it's a diffrent ball game . Many keepers seem to be rearing a few for food , instead of bying from supermarkets when they know the life of a chicken is generally very poor . Keeping chickens can be tough at times , but for me any owner needs to take full responsibility for there OWN ANIMALS
  7. I think it's best to dry if possible , they can soon catch a chill if the sun goes in and after they come out of the bath they ain't keen on moving much and need a good warm blanket and dry off .
  8. This is what I'm trying to gauge mate , from the little I've managed to find out it seems , each and every council deal with cockerels differently . Think if someone was to put a complaint in , it goes along these lines . Council come round to check on property and coup Then they ask what time cockerel stats crowing and what you're trying to do to prevent noise early . They then advice you to what they will or will not except If a complaint persists , they bring in monitoring equipment and listen to the levels of noise pollution . Some councils may just tell you point blank to get rid of your bird though . I will do whatever possible to play ball and keep a cockerel , but i dare say some folk that have plenty of time on there hands siting on there backsides will cause grief
  9. Soft shells are often caused from a lack of GRIT - OYSTER SHELL .. If there young hens it's quiet normal for them to lay a soft one , usually when they first lay . Regarding not laying in the nesting box , try putting a few egg shaped pebbles in the nesting box so they know to lay in there
  10. IF POSSIBLE , put a roof above the main run and let them free range as much as possible . Sometimes old stale food honks up a tadge , so clean as much as possible .
  11. I do it in the sink kitchen with warm water . At first they try and wriggle outso keep hands over BOTH WINGS , but after a minute they relax and go with the flow . Bath mine twice a year . Use kids shampoo , the no tears stuff just incase any gets near their eyes . After you've given them a good shampoo and rubbed it in all over , get a warm towel and dry as much as possible , then use a hair dryer , be carefull as you need to keep it on the move , so not to over heat them .. THEY LOVE IT
  12. Wel i have a 14 week old cockerel and love him to bits . He hasn't crowed yet . Im keeping him in a blacked out coup till 9am just interested in peoples own experiences to be honest .
  13. Who does it ? I gave mine a bath today and then got the hair dryer out , they loved it . Any of you guys give your chickens a bath ? If so how often
  14. Do you honestly think a flock of hens wouldn't enjoy a cockerel for company

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