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  1. Well today is my day off ..........good times I straighten my hair every day and today I left the straighteners on a leetle bit longer than I should have ..........and singed my hair .........Bad times.
  2. I know exactly where you are coming from I'm a billy no-mates atm but I am married to a fab bloke ....yet it's not enough . My family all live at different ends of the map and girlies need girlies to laugh with ... i'm real lonely ..for a good girlfriend ..Like you the people I work with are just not my type (I have a young head on me ) we don't have anything in common and tbh when you've been at work with them all day the last thing you really want to do is carry on into the evening ..it would be different if .we were on the same level ..but we're not. I feel really embarrassed that I haven't got a wide circle of friends like some people have ,but my hubby says the same as some on here that you think that your'e the only one and actually you're not .it's just a phase in life that atm it's all work, work work.the kids are growing up now but things will change ....but it's so flippin hard my only friends are virtual on the chicken forums .(how sad am I?) I started going to the footy with my daughter cause I need a life..But just want some good ole girly company
  3. http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/personal_tech/test_bench/article3594525.ece I looked on here and have just ordered this http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000YICA2O/ref=nosim/accessleedsco107-21 TBH we already have a bose Wave Radio/Cd and weren't very impressed at all ........think some of the bose stuff is overated . Hope this helps Layla
  4. No how jealous am I ?, saw him many a time when he was in Dire Straits ....I have to agree he's the best.
  5. I too adored Beryl cooks work .....fabulous sense of humour
  6. why do they all say "thank you sir alan " when he fires them ? I'd have to say "i didn't want your poxy job anyway" and I'd skip out of the room.
  7. oh no i'm gutted Villa .................what happened ?
  8. well ......... full lips (woman on clarins counter said "people would kill for those" Brown eyes long legs (am 5'8 in my flats)
  9. I don't even understand my teenagers........they speak a different language .....m looking for a phrase book .........if anyone finds one ...let me know pleeeeeeeeeese
  10. It was hilarious, the banter between the three of them ........I love that show anyway but gwok was a bonus .........very funny
  11. my daughter has been jogging on hers ......she's gone to bed shattered
  12. Will miss him soooooooo funny ......its a sad day
  13. be positive ......it's their loss.....something bigger and better is waiting around the corner Hugs Layla
  14. My daughter has just shut the door and took delivery of one .......she's setting it up as I type .She has mates round and all can hear is giggling !!!!!and a lot of huffing and puffing I think it's a brilliant idea..................
  15. It is a brilliant film .....Have you seen black Hawk Down ?...edge of your seat stuff

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