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  1. Haha mullethunter, I attended our usual weekly virtual team meeting this morning on Skype.Every week we have a theme, this week it was our gardens. Guess what I showed everyone?! I need to just concentrate on the ones I've just as I'm new to this, but I love miniature's of anthing. The breeder does too hence so many breeds of bantam hybrid hens ( I forgot about the bantam speckledy''s and miss pepper pots and so many others, I want one of each in my dreams really!!!), hence she has miniature sheep and horses and goats aswell. Maybe in the future I will win the lottery and buy a cube for them all, it's important to have a dream right?
  2. Hello CT, I have a 4m x 18m garden which they could use, though I'm going to section them off a bit of this as I'd like to keep some of my lawn. I currently have the standard go up with a 2m run. I guess the question is how many bantams co fortably fit into a go up with an additional metre run, in case they can't use the garden because of the weather? Do chickens usually make chirrupING sounds or just the babies? It's such a cute noise
  3. So the girls all came out into the run eventually and had a successful day all in all, (unlike me as I spent more time checking up on them than working from home). They eaten, drunk and pooped lots and even ate the expensive stuff I purchased for their dirt bath if they weren't scratching and kicking it everywhere. I could watch them forever, but they took themselves to bed at 8.15 when I came out to watch them after dinner. My 10 wwek old bantam bluebell kept coming upto me to allow me to pet her and she spent of her time with the 10 week old unnamed hybrid, whilst my 14 week old bantam blacktail and bantam rhode rock mainly hung out with each other. I'm already planning on getting more 😂 I've moved the go up a bit so I could fit a 1metre extension but I wouldnt be able to use the access doors at the front anymore, only through back for cleaning and egg collecting Has anyone fitted double doors on the side for access instead? I'd love to get bantam Orpington's, barred rocks and light Sussex too.
  4. Thanks Dogmother but as these are the first birds I've ever had I don't have any other type of grit apart from the omlets stuff I bought but should have the proper stuff for them on Friday. The babies/girls haven't come out of the go up into the run yet. I guess I leave them to come out when they are ready to.
  5. Thank you so much. I thought I'd got everything a chicken could ever need...but never planned on the girls being so young! Special chicken grit will be here by Friday.
  6. It's omlets mixed grit 70% grit, 30% oyster shell
  7. After waiting for almost 6 months my first ever bantams are finally here. I've got a selection of four different ones, a mini blacktail, a mini bluebell, a mini rode rock and one they haven't even named as this is the first year they have bred them but it will produce green/blue eggs..I was only going to get three bantams but they are different ages so she recommended getting four, 2 at 10 weeks old and two at 14 weeks old. I've been given some mash for them and told to give them chicken grit. I only have normal grit. Can I smash the grit I have into smaller pieces?
  8. Hi, Seems we are getting out chickens on the same day. The place I'm getting my 3 provide a cardboard carrier which will fit 3 bantams. It's dimensions are 33cm high, 46cm wide and 26.5cm deep if that's any help
  9. Oh and I also purchased a snuggle safe (gentle microwaveable heat pad) I got this because I read a post by DM where she suggests using this under water bowls to stop it freezing which was another concern of mine. And I can use in the coop if the weather is really really cold, ev3n though they dont need it. I and my dog can also,use it whenever as a bonus. I got mine from eBay as it was the cheapest I could find at the time
  10. Have a look at my post hybrids v proper breeds as I started of asking about chickens, which then led to a discussion on bantams and then recommendations for bantams for beginners like me. I only asked the same question about a week ago. It also, depends upon what you want. Do you want eggs like I did. Do you mind if it doesn't look like a typical,chicken? Silkies and Poland look lovely, but need more care due to,their feathering Welsummers are good but apparently aren't as tame so don't make good starters Pekins are lovely apparently but not great layers Mullet hunter advised not to get anything that laid blue eggs (I think they are bit more wild and flighty. They also advised to stay away from any of the leg horns/bars for,the same reason. The person I'm getting my light and buff Sussex and wyandotte from only advertised pekins and silkies and larger fowl. They are only just getting other birds in. It's very early in the season so lots won't be advertising yet. I'm only getting mine this weekend because I emailed them asking what they were going to,be selling soon. Im lucky in that the person I'm buying from only lives 10 min away and sid I can bring the chickens to him if they get I'll as lots of vets,don't know much about chickens. You might want to give a few local places an email about what they have now or will have soon. Alternatively you will research the breeds and having chosen what you want find the nearest breeder. I've been told it's best not to get several different types of chicken from several different chicken breeder's as they will cross contaminate each other and likely get I'll.
  11. No worries. I'm at the same stage as you are so I understand what sort of things you want to know. I'm getting my chooks at the weekend hopefully so have had to get everything I need in preparation.
  12. I want to use the minimum of chemicals as possible. If they come with red mite or get it I will buy some treatment but currently I have no space in my shed or cupboards for anymore chicken stuff! And my purse is empty! The British hen welfare trust recommends DE as an effective treatment
  13. I think it's hilarious that I'm giving advice when I've never even looked after a chicken before in my life! The man I'm getting my chickens from was very impressed with how prepared I am. But as far as I'm concerned I'm just another person with "all the gear but no idea" in reality.
  14. Also the person who is selling me the chickens advised the following 1. When you get them home, don't open the box/carrier in the garden or they will fly away never to,be seen again. 2. Put,them straight in the coop with the doors shut for a couple of hours to help, them calm down, then let them in the run 3. Keep them in the run with no free ranging for two weeks so,they know it's home and will return to the coop at dusk
  15. The only things I'm missing are 1. A composer for all the poop and bedding waste 2. Scaly leg treatment (I will get it if/when it's needed 3. Specific Redmire treatment. Hoping the diatomacious earth and good coop hygiene means this won't be necessary.
  16. Exactly. I got mine from omlet itself. I will take their bowls in at night and bring them back out when I'm ready to, get up Spellchecker is very weird. Anyway I meant to say I got the omlet starter pack plus.
  17. Hi, I made a recent post called hybrids v proper breeds and in that there are several suggestions about nice starter bantams. I'm going for Sussex bantams and wyndottes, both are sup posed to be fairly placid and friendly and look like chickens and have a good egg laying capabilities. However they can fly so will need their wings clipped if I don't want them in the neighbours garden. I understand your desire to put a membrane down but that is likely to stop,drainage, get scratched and eaten by then hens and wI'll be a barrier for worms and other critters that your hens will like to scratch the ground for so they can eat them. The hentronix opener looks good but you may net need one. Lots of people leave the coop door open at night but if you don't have a secure garden foxes can and have gotten hold of birds through the gaps in the wire of the run. I'm going to leave my door open and put the girls breakfast in a hanging peck toy overnight so,they have breakfast in the morning and hopefully won't cause a ruckus and annoy the neighbours and I get to have a lie in. Win Win. Lots of people only close the door when it's gets really cold in below minus -3. Chikens deal much better with the cold. Things I have purchased as a beginner 1. I'm let starter pack plus This includes disinfectant, poutlty shield and diatom acoustic earth (this is for cleaning the coop but you can feed them a bit of de) ground sanitizer (stops smells and kills worm eggs), grit which they need to digest their food, bedding for the coop, verm x (good for chicken tummies and reducing tummy bugs/worms, pouty spice ( minerals to keep them healthy and apple cider vinegar to put in their water when it's not summer ( good for their tummies and egg shells) 2. Some purple spray for any cuts. 3.chicken food and corn/seed mix ( you should start with whatever your breeder feeds them and gradually change over to your preferences choice over the period of a week) 4. Nettex vit plus (helps them deal with stress such as a move or when moulting or ill) 5. Nettex nutrition drops for when they are feeling poorly. DM says it will revive anything That's already dead 5. Pet cage, to carry home (with a towel over it), take them to the vets, seperate if one is ill or bullied or hang from a tree if broody) 6. Vet tape in case of injuries 6 wound powder/anibiotic powder for injuries 7 needless syringes to feed them with drops or tonic if I'll 8. Leg clips if your chickens look similar so you can tell them apart if one is ill. 9. Small bowl to put the griti in 10. Washing up bowl,for dirt bath so that I can add DE, sand and dirt. I think this is really important for chickens to,socialise and rid themselves of mites 11. If your going to use wood chips you will need so ething around the edge of the run to stop it being kicked out by the chickens, some use lengths of 2 by 4s, some garden edging strips. I've gone for rolls of 6inch bamboo edging Have a look at the threads I'm started recently. Lots of good advice on them for beginners
  18. Ive just realised i misread and thought you wrote mk 1 so assumed it was a cube. Anyway, omlet sell lots of spares that aren't on the website. Once you've identified which classic you have, you can then look at the instructions for setting up and each part has a reference number identified. You can then call omlet with the reference number who can tell you if they have a spare plastic replacement for it and how much it will cost. I had to buy lots of spares that weren't advertised on the site this way
  19. Hi, I don't know much but I think you can purchase them online. If you go to the omlet home page, towards the top of the pages you can select a variety of animals, select chickens. Then it gives you loads of pictures with headings, towards the bottom you will find one that titled spares, click that and you will find mark 1 roosting bars which appear to,be plastic for £25 excluding p+p. Some people prefer the wooden ones though, for grip (and the environment) HTH
  20. Thank you DM, that really useful, especially the tip about the apple cider vinegar.
  21. I went to a local chicken breeder (mantel farm, east sussex) today that's only 10 minutes away to collect wood chips for the run floor and food. They made me a cup of tea along with a few regulars who came to stock on on supplies in their farm shop and I ended up being there for three hours chatting abut chickens and all sorts! They were such lovely people. Full of,good humour and very knowledgeable. Anyway I thought they only sold peking and Poland bantams. It turns out that next Saturday they are getting in some light and buff Sussex bantams and various coloured laced wyandottes and they've very kindly said if/when a chicken gets I'll I can bring it to the farm to get advice as there aren't any vets locally who know amuch bout chickens. So I will be getting a buff and a light Sussex and a Wyandottes from them next weekend, all at point of lay. I got to have a look at the few chickens they currently have left who were all dust bathing together in the bedding, including a "special" buff sussex bantam whose tail is on the right side of her body. And I got to see a their personal brahma chickens, wow they were really big, like the size of medium sized dog! I'm feeling so excited and relieved at the same time to know I have back up nearby if one of the girls gets poorly.
  22. Apple cider vinegar - should I put it in their water everyday or just once a month for week ( I read this somewhere)?
  23. Thank you for all your answers. I have a plastic bin that I used to keep my dog food in, I guess that would be suitable, but I'm worried about rats/mice chewing through as it's going to be outside. I guess I'll give it a try though. I already have some grit from omlet but it's only 1.4 kilos. How long should this last 3 bantams?
  24. More questions I'm afraid 1. Should I feed my chickens, when I get them, the same brand as the breeder they came from or can I move them straight to a new brand? If I can move to a new brand what brand do you recommend? Is there any particular reason that nearly everyone appears to use pellets as opposed to mash? 2. Mixed corn or just plain corn? And should I buy the 20kg bag or would a smaller bag be better? 3. What size galvernised bin should I get, given that I will be getting the 20kg bag of chicken food and some poultry tonic seeds ( they have a 12.5kg bag on amazon with free delivery but I fear this might be too much for three bantams whow will only get a handful a day) I'm off out into the garden to make up the coop and run now. I took me ages just to get the string through the peck toy last night, so this might take a while!
  25. And even worse in winter I should imagine with the horrible weather!!! I initially looked into getting a door opener, but they are so expensive, especially the only one for the up. But one day, whilst reading on this forum, I saw a number of posts about leaving the coop door open at night (if it's in a relatively secure low predator place) and one particular post, possibly yours CT, about also using the peck toy to ensure they had food first thing, so as to prevent them not cause a scene at dawn and irritating the neighbours, and also ensuring the food didn't encourage pests. I knew then that I wouldn't need a door opener.

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