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  1. The seeds look like just the thing to put into the yellow chicken toy I bought for the chickens to kick about to get treats and krep them occupied. Thank you DM.
  2. My omlet packages came yesterday so I have a lounge full of chicken stuff including the glug and grub and a hanging pecking toy, so, not having an automatic feeder but giving them breakfast in a pecking toy and keping them quiet for a bit seems like a very good use of the product to me. The toy is then utilitarian not merely recreational. I've just learnt another thing thanks to you CT, how to use the little love heart at the bottom of posts to react to comments.
  3. This is such a good idea. I'm going to implement this when I get my chickens.
  4. Thank you CT. I've ordered all the bits from omlet now. They should be here on Thursday and I collect the girls the following weekend. I'm so excited!
  5. Thank you DM. I'll have a look for Nettex vit boost Thank you to everyone whose contributed so far to all my chook questions really.
  6. Hi DM, Noone told me anything, when I look up abut Sussex bantams there a lots of websites saying they lay in winter too. .Not necessarily breeders sites either. I guessed their egg laying would diminish, but not cease altogether over the darkest coldest days like a pure bantam would. The possibility of finding an egg in winter would me happy, I won't dend on it though. I'm also right on the south coast, where there''s more light and warmth usually, so that might help too. I wasn't thinking about toys, just where to put their grit and mj I mise it being kicked over. Though I have put a yellow egg treat dispensing thing in my basket, it minimizes the postage costs if I can buy all the stuff together. That's why I'm asking so many questions before I buy all my chicken gear. Any recommendations on poultry tonic?
  7. Hi Patricia, I started off wanting two hybrids because that's what will fit into a go up with a two metre run. I can't fit a 3m run very conveniently. That lead to people on this site suggesting bantams, as I could then have three chooks. As I want the chooks for their eggs and I'm a newbie to chicken keeping so want to start with more docile chooks I, with suggestions from others have been looking at different breeds such as bantam Sussex, rir, Plymouth rock varieties and new Hampshire. I excluded some varieties that are known to get broody such as the wyandotes. As it happens there are only pekins and silkies nearby, but managed to find some bantam Sussexs who are supossed to lay in winter too according to the internetand they were only 60 miles away.
  8. Thank you threecooks. I won't get the step covers now. £20 is a lot for the perches and I do feel bad about all the plastic so I'm going to buy a couple of bits od wood instead if I can't find a sup table branch in the park near me. I'll take a punt on the Bokashi. ..it's supposed to be good for the chickens and the compost pile too
  9. Yep, we are at the same stage. How exciting! Do you know what breed you're looking for? I'm going to have to do a 120 mile trip to get my chickens, but they are bantams that will lay in winter (hopefully). My chickens are ready now but I'm still to put my omlet order in for the missing/ broken parts. I hope to do that tomorrow and pick the chickens up in a couple of weeks. I made a post asking about essential chicken medical kits which lots of people kindly commeted on, you might find that a bit helpful too.
  10. Thank you mullethunter, Fanta, tango and sprite it is then. I've messaged to say I'd like them. He was only going to sell me the buff sussex''s as he is trying to breed the light ones. Still waiting to hear from anyone about the bokashi, i thought I might need it to get rid of any smells but maybe the ground sanitising powder helps with that?
  11. Now that I have decided to put my run on paviing slabs with wood chip there's a few other questions I have 1. I don't like the metal steps, they look slippery. Will it be worthwhile buying the plastic step covers for my bantams? 2. Can I put the grit in a peck toy such as a rocky or elvis toy? 3. I was going to use a small washing up bowl with a chunk cut out the side as a dust bath. Will that be OK? 4. What's the best size perch for bantams ( I read that the omelet perch won't suit them) 5. Is it worth me buying bokashi bran? 6. Are POLS and pullets the same thing? Bonus quesion. I've found someone who has bantam buff sussex''s and will let me have a bantam light Sussex. He has cautioned me against buying an additional dark coloured bantam from somewhere else as he thinks there will be different germs etc at different breeders and the chickens are likely to get ill. Are my dreams of having 3 different coloured chickens and calling them Pepsi, sprite and Fanta dashed? (You won't believe how difficult it's been to find the bantams I want, even breeders are telling me it will be hard)
  12. Hi Peter and DM, Ive already purchased a small tin of hammerite so I might as well use that. I appreciate that you are mindful of the cost of chicken keeping Peter, it soon adds up.
  13. I hoped this would work the coop and run will have light coming in from the south and west and all round the stand, only the eastern side, which is shady anyway would be shaded in winter. In summer I would reverse the combi cover, so the west is shaded and fold the clear bit back. Its onlg going to be used ifs raining, windy or if the apple tree isnt enough shade. I can't believe the number of things I've had to do research on since I bought the eglu. Who knew chicken keeping could be so complicated? I've wanted chickens for years, but until December I thought I could just buy an eglu, get some chickens and put them both on my lawn like the omlet adverts, simple's. I really wasn't expecting to have to make so many decisions about other stuff like run floors, bedding, cleaning and sanitizing products for the coop and run and dust baths and what to do with all the chicken poop etc. I've had to learn a lot and there's so much more to learn!
  14. Hi DM, Yep the front lip of the lid was broken. It is really quite thin plastic, but it was obviously been left out exposed to the elements which may have made more brittle. And it was sent to me with cardboard wrapped round it tied with bits of string and probably got bashed a bit by the courier. I would have been gutted to have paid full price for it as I would have expected it to be of better quality to be honest. Luckily I paid very little for it so ive decided to buy a new lid and sides and therefore will only need to paint the the run after giving it a bit of a sand down. I hope in future omlet consider using a greener and more sturdy material. I've already planned to start a fund to buy a second hand mark 1. I can already see how a bigger coop and run will be needed in a few years and I haven't even got my first chickens yet!
  15. I've already got a small patio behind an apple tree where I will place the run with woodchips. I'm going to order a cube combination cover as it will almost completely cover the run an keep the chooks dry. I've bought bamboo edging to go around the sides of the run to stop the cooks kicking all the woodchips out too. Now I have to plan where a compost bin will fit to put all the poop and old bedding.
  16. Will do DM but most breeders only sell silkies or pekins, nothing else, looking at their websites and past adverts. I'm not ready for the chicken's yet anyhow but id like to know where I'm going to get them from. I've emailed a couple of breeders just in case they are planning an breeding some different varieties this year. Fingers crossed.
  17. Yes CT, the new Hampshire bantams look lovely and like a farmyard chicken, but I can't find any here down south. Apart from pekins and silkies, I can find bantam bared rocks and light Sussex chickens relatively nearby and one breeder apparently sells hybrid bantams! I've also seen lots of adverts for millefluers but don't know ow if they are OK for a beginner. I would like a bantam light Sussex, the barred rocks are OK too but I need a red/ ginger bantam to make the trio complete.
  18. Have you found where you are going to put it and decider what type of flooring you'll use? Bet you can't wait for the chickens to arrive. Have you decided on what sort of Bantams you want. Like you I've been guided into choosing bantams for my go up. I'm so envious of your lovely eglu and accessories. My eglu experience was the opposited (missing and broken parts, rust, sunbleaching and even chicken poop). Anyway, it will look as good as new with new panels and a lick of paint. I'm hoping I can get the bantams by middle of March when I have two weeks annual leave and can let them out into the garden.
  19. Thank you all so much for your input. I've done a bit of reading up on bantams now, and as youve calmed my fears of them getting taken by a cat or flying away, im going to get bantams, three birds are better than two. But my bantams need to look like farmyard chickens so I'm after a bantam rir and any variety of plymouth rocks, or a light Sussex. Looking for breeders now. Pekin bantams are very common here as are silkies.
  20. Have you found where you are going to put it and decider what type of flooring you'll use? Bet you can't wait for the chickens to arrive. Have you decided on what sort of Bantams you want. Like you I've been guided into choosing bantams for my go up. I'm so envious of your lovely eglu and accessories. My eglu experience was the opposited (missing and broken parts, rust, sunbleaching and even chicken poop). Anyway, it will look as good as new with new panels and a lick of paint. I'm hoping I can get the bantams by middle of March when I have two weeks annual leave and can let them out into the garden.
  21. This is such a tough decision. A 2m run fits my garden better in terms of placing the coop so it's protected and being able to watch them from inside me home. But what I'm picking up is that it's better to have 3 bantams than 2 hybrids in terms of a cooks social needs. I can live without eggs for a couple of months I suppose and if I can clip their wings that will help a lay my fears of them flying into other people's gardens or trying to have a sleep over in my ancient apple tree. I need to make up the eglu, try it in my garden to see if there a way to fit a 3M run and visit a breeder to have a look at some chickens and bantams in real life. Poland too delicate for a starter foul Wyandottes too broody Pekins not enough eggs Leghorns not domesticated enough Will check out welsummers, plymouth rock and Sussex lights
  22. I hear what you're saying CT, but even if I got 3 chickens, one would die at some stage and Id have to do the introductions. Chickens seem more robust and lay eggs in winter. In an ideal world and I feel a bit more confident with a couple of sturdy chickens as my first foray into poultry keeping. I'm going to do a mock set up of the run tomorrow in my garden, see if I can fit an extra metre in for a run extension. Would three polish bantams fit a 2M run. What about 1 chicken and two bantams? Can I clip a bantams wings so it doesn't fly away? Can they be tempted down with food easily?
  23. Greens nice. I've got a purple one. You did very well by the sounds of it. Do you know why the previous owners were selling it? There's a few videos on YouTube of people setting up,the eglu if that makes it easier for you. We all have different learning styles after all and I saved one from so eone called papa noun I think. He's got tonnes of chicken videos on YouTube and his one setting up the go up looked easy to understand. Good luck
  24. Cat tails, the back of your eglu looks like mine! However your panels look in much better condition. I'm pretty sure mine has been laying about somewhere for a long time. The underside of the purple Base is sun bleached, and one of the side panels has clearly had another panel resting on top of in in the sun, for a good while, it has a two tone effect, with the top part of the side panel being a lot more sun bleached than the bottom part and there's a definite it line between it being lighter in places. A part of the purple lid snapped off as I was wahing it. I'm not sure if it was damaged in transit or just brittle from being out in all weather's for so long. So rather than put vi yl on it I'm going to order new panels. Im so glad I negotiated a large refund given the condition of the thing. How the seller's thought it was in good condition I don't know. The green hammerite has arriver. So I off to paint the run, stand and wheels. The bamboo edging I ordered for the base of the run to stop the woodchips falling out has arrived too. Now I need to,choose what,hybrids I'm going to get. Oh and make the eglu up,once all the parts arrive.

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