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  1. So many decisions to make! Its harder to find breeders of bantams near me (east sussex) and I'd like eggs in winter. I am worried that bantams are so small and couldnt defend themselves from next doors cat. Though in turn the cat is scared of my 8 year old Staffie so ithat doesnt come inot the gardent much. And I'm worried they would fly in to my apple tree or worse, my neighbours garden, and I won't be able to get them back. I lke the fact that I can have 3 though.. I live in a long skinny victoriana terraced house with a long skinny 3.5 metre wide by 20 metre garden, so it's not that I have tiny garden, But a 3m rUn would have to run length ways and I wouldn't be able to sit and watch the chucks/ bantams in th run from my window if I have a longer run. I think I'm going to go for two hybrids first, they give eggs in winter and are more robust and I don't have to worry about cats, only my dog. Maybe when the novelty has worn off a bit and I'm more confident in my chicken keeping skills, ill be happy to turn my run around and get an extension so that I can have more chickens I future, maybe combined with bantams, say one,chicken and two bantams. The main reason for getting chickens is for the eggs, and the manure for a couple of vegetable beds I am planning on making. I'm feeling the need to get more in touch with nature. So pekingbantams are out of the e
  2. So, I could definit have 3 bantams in a go up with a two metre run and a couple of hours in the garden free ranging? If so, it's a no brainer, bantams it is! How small is the egg from a bantam the size of a pigeon? I'm going to have a quick read up about bantams now Probably best I don't have Polands as they will live under an apple tree.
  3. That's very lucky. I've just bought one from eBay but it's "had quite a life" shall we say. Luckily ebay are brilliant andomlet sell replacements for everything so it will all work out fine.. I just have to wait for the parts now. What colour is your go up if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Thanks DM. Do you have a picture of the parrot dish/ikea tub? I think the other metal feeders you posted will be a bit big for two chickens
  5. Thanks again mullethunter. Preferably I'd like eggs in the winter too, so hybrids it is. Any recommendations? I'd like friendly ones and two different types.
  6. Cat tails,how did you get and keep the grren/grey off the white panels?
  7. Thank you everyone. DM what's wrong with the grubs? I'm trying to save run space as I only have a 2m run. I imagine the gravity and galvernised feeders will be too big for the run?
  8. My garden will only comfortably fit a go up with a two metre run, so I can only have two chickens. I've read that hybrids produce lots of,eggs for approx two years and they don't live that long. Would it be better to get proper full breed chickens? I do want eggs, but there is only my dog and I to feed., A local farm has all manner of point of lay hybrids for sale right now, but no proper full breeds as yet. When do they become start becoming more available?
  9. Thank you everyone for your replies I'm pretty sure our local,vets just deal with the usual pets and not chickens so I'm sure to be back here looking for advice on chicken ailments in future. This chicken business is turning out to be quite expensive!
  10. Thank you everyone for your replies. I saw a couple of american chicken keepers on youtube saying that the copp must face south, thats why I asked on here as Imhave seen no such discussion on uk websites With the 2 metre run I can face my go up south behind an apple tree which will protect the chucks from much of,the the sun and wind. But it won't quite fit if I get a three metre run if I want to open the back for eggs or,front to feed them, or clean the thing out. I'm also going to get the covers for under the coop and a cube combination cover for the run.
  11. Thank you mullet hunter. It's easy to get carried away and buy one of everything. What do you do with the small syringes? I will have a look at the nutridrops
  12. Do I need Stockholm tar and antibiotic powder and some kind of purple spray or do they all do the same thing? What does everyone else have in their chicken medical kit?
  13. Thank you soup dragon, glues and grubs it is. I don't like the look of the open top drinker for the go up, I image my chooks will kick wood chip into all the time Meant Soapdragon!
  14. As the feeder and drinker for my second hand go up are sunbleached and broken I hAve to buy new ones. What would be the best feeders and drinkers for my 2 metre run. I want to give my 2 chucks the most space as they will be in their run when I am at work and I plan to put a dirt bath in the run so was considering buying the original glug and grub as they look smaller. What do others think?
  15. Thanks again DM, That's the site and position sorted then, at the end of the garden on preexisting slabs, behind an apple tree.
  16. Thank you Peter, My garden faces east, so,the end of the garden gets the sun in the afternoon, and the most sun in winter. Luckily I have a go up on wheels so can move them easily if the apple tree and combi cover doesnt provide enough shade in summer.
  17. Thanks again CT. I wasn't sure how compulsory it was for the door to face south. As I'm planning on putting the eglu at the end of my garden, it will face south but also get the sun in the afternoons and it wI'll be perpendicular to my house so I can see all the run. I'm hoping my apple tree with provide some shade and I plan to get a cube combi cover. If I want a longer run and more chickens, the whole set up will have to run diagon ally across the garden which isn't ideal.
  18. Hi Ive read that youre supposed to face the coop south, does everyone do this? To face my coop south, I have to place it sideways in my garden which is long and skinny and only 3.5 metres wide at the far end where I was going to place the coop and run as there's some patio to put it on already. This means I couldnt ever have more than a 2m run and therefore two chickens. Which in turn means Im not sure that getting ex battery hens is wise, in case one of them dies early on. What do you all do?
  19. Thanks CT, I've had a better look at my eglu and it's definitely purple inside and out, I think it's just been left lying about hence the rust and some compenents being more sun bleached than others. However as someone said the previous owners chickens may have spent a lot of time sitting on its roof, and it's poo bleached not sun bleached. Anyhow, the vinyl wrap should be here soon and hopefully that will cover it. Thanks DM, it's a shame on let doesn't stock the louse powder. I'll have to source it from elsewhere.
  20. Hi all Thank you all for your responses. I read Neil' 's blog with interest grandmashazzle It's a shame he hasn't come back to show his finished project but it looked great with that green Base coat alone. There' 's very little about sprucing up an old/abused eglu but I think this is going to start being more common as they get older. Thanks for the green hammerite .tip Daphne, I'll check that out. Cat tails thank you so much for the link to the primer...it's cheap thank God. I will inspect my eglu a bit more tomorrow and feedback Scary Mary you made me laugh out loud with your dramatic description of the eglu being attacked! I think it's been laying somewhere exposed, dismantied for some time. DM I put the omlet chicken starters pack plus in my basket ready to buy, will I need additional specific red mite stuff? The seller's advertised it as being in good condition but provided minimal info and photos on Ebay. They didn't even state how long the run was. I don't know if the intentionally set out to mislead anyone for sure, but they advertised the eglu with a 3m, run on gum tree with an additional photo of a coop and run set up, which they later admitted they'd stolen from someone else's previous advert. So I wasn't expecting it to look like it did.or have missing pieces. Anyway, we came to an agreement regarding a partial refund now to cover the cost of purchasing broken, missing pieces and making repairs. And I can now laugh at the fact that one of the large cardboard boxes they packaged the eglu in had the words "FEMALE URINAL" printed 5 inches high on its front. I'm not sure if the courier man believed me when I said it was a chicken coop. I've got a week off work now to make some headway on preparations for the girls, whatever types I end up getting, but thats for a,future post
  21. I missed you out grandmashazzle. I tried to edit my post to include you and remedy the numerous spellchecker error, but apparently waiting 7 minutes to edit a post is too long. Sorry!
  22. Hi Dogmother and cat tails. I understand chickens were in it. The feeds and drinkers which were once purple as was the coop are almost white in colour and are missing their lids which I thought was from sun but might be from poo, I'd never thought of that. The top of the coo is a very different purple all over compared to the sides which in turn i's very differvent and less vibrant to the colour of the bits of pan electronic that don see the sun. All the grey panels including the back, front and sides look really dirty compared to the inside tray. There's several rust patches on the metal Part of the wheel sections and yes, the metal fixings to attach the panels of,the coop as well as the fixings to attach the coop to the "up part are really rusty as are all the screws with the butterfly nut things. There's also a lot of rust all over the run where the plastic coating,has come off. I'm not sure what happened to it. It looks like it's had a very hard working life! Thanks for,the tips on removing the rust and keeping it at bay. I need to source some green paint that is similar in colour to the plastic coating and I'm going to tray and use vinyl sheets to cover the sides of the coop and maybe paint the ends.
  23. Hi, I'm a newbie to chicken keeping in actual fact Imaven got anymchickens at al yet. I've purchased a second hand eglu go up via eBay, which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare as several bits were missing, it's horribly sunbleached and there is a lot of rust on the run. Having ascertained you can buy additional pieces of eglu fixings from omlet and there cost and come to an agreement with the seller regarding a significant partial refund, I'm wondering what people use to cover the rust on the run and fittings and repaint it with? 'm also considering using vinyl wrap to,cover the go up and wondered if anyone has used this before and whether it stayed stuck on Thanks in advance for any replies

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