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  1. They have since replied to me after 5 days but the issue has now been resolved. Thanks
  2. We're having the same issues, the opener wasn't opening with the sunrise so paid to upgrade the board to the app type so yo could set the opening/closing time with the app but the fault has reoccurred and the Hentronix guys have not replied to any correspondence. Our unit is only 9 months old and the new circuit board is only a month old.
  3. It's the complete run I'm missing. Everything else in the order was delivered. Very odd.
  4. Much delight as my order arrived to day, hurrah. Everything arrived apart from the main reason for making the order, the bloody run. I'm not sure why it didn't arrive as it was down as coming as part of the order. Has anyone had any similar issues?
  5. I get what you're saying but omlet are hardly a small business. I know it's out of their control but having delivery days pushed out twice doesn't inspire much confidence.
  6. Received an email stating our order has been pushed back to mid August at the earliest. I'll be cancelling this first thing tomorrow, awful having to wait 4 months for a walk in run.
  7. Orders and deliveries question. I ordered a walk in run last week and it said 27th July for delivery, that's a 10 week lead time which seems excessive. Has anyone had their orders delivered earlier than initially stated? Thanks
  8. That's what I was hoping to do, the wire panels snip very easiyl with a decent pair of sidecutters. Would I need any of the connector kits? I think this should be achievable, just wanted to be sure. Would I need any of the connector kits Many thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yes I am looking to remove the run attached to the Go Up and connect it to the low rise walk in run by modifying some panels.
  10. I currently have the go up with 2m run. I would like buy a 2m x 2m 1m low rise run and connect only the go up to this without 1m extension. I see that you can connect the go but I would like the coop off the floor Can it be done with some modifications?
  11. Well in the hour of need amd with the panic buying happening, one of my hens has laid our first egg 😃 Minnie (dutch bantam) laid our first egg today, i feel like a proud father. Note that it's not my nails, my wife sent the pic as I'm offshore
  12. This morning i noticed my hens hsve gone back into the coop at 7.30 (this is the first they have done this). Is this a sign that they are ready to lay?
  13. Been letting my girls out each day from 1-5 and they ventured a little furher from the run today. They have started making noises when i approach the run, not sure if it's good or bad sing. Had Tiffin (brown one) and Daisy (grey one) eating out my hand. Putting in a little work and taming them each day. Still no eggs.

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