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  1. Well in the hour of need amd with the panic buying happening, one of my hens has laid our first egg 😃 Minnie (dutch bantam) laid our first egg today, i feel like a proud father. Note that it's not my nails, my wife sent the pic as I'm offshore
  2. This morning i noticed my hens hsve gone back into the coop at 7.30 (this is the first they have done this). Is this a sign that they are ready to lay?
  3. Been letting my girls out each day from 1-5 and they ventured a little furher from the run today. They have started making noises when i approach the run, not sure if it's good or bad sing. Had Tiffin (brown one) and Daisy (grey one) eating out my hand. Putting in a little work and taming them each day. Still no eggs.
  4. They don't really have much of a comb at the moment. What checks should i be carrying out at the moment and how? Thanks.
  5. The door is always lifted so the lock by dropping the door no longer works. There is no way a predator could open the door against the motor as it's solid, once it's shut it's very secure. I think the battery is sold separately to make the automatic door opener seem cheaper. It's a good setup and I'm glad i've invested in it. The battery is charged via the solar panel but you still need the battery. My hens seem very reluctant to leave the run, any idea on how i can entice them out? They are slowly getting used to us as they no longer go to the back of the run then i approach. Also any idea roughly how old they are and when can we expect eggs? The kids are very excited.
  6. I've let them out every afternoon, they really don't seem interested in leaving the run. The automatic door is working well, they go up to roost about 5.30. I'll try and entice them out tomorrow with some corn.
  7. Well they were let out of the run for their first free range time. They didn't venture far buty Dutch bantam took flight on top of my 6ft fence. I thought chickens were clumsy fliers but she got up there no bother. I clipped their flight feathers on one wing today, didn't want to do it but if they get over the back there is a stream and thick undergrowth so I'd struggle to get them back. I've had the run door open all day but they don't seen interested in coming out. My hentronix automatic door arrived today so I'll get that fitted. They love live mealworms as they coo as they are eating them.
  8. They seem to like the perch where it is. It seems the black hen (minnie) is the leader as she is always first to do anything and the other two follow.
  9. Here's our 3 girls settling into their new home. Sun is shining but my garden is like a swamp
  10. I'll wait and see how they get on. What would you suggest to use as a perch that would suit their feet? Looking forward to seeing them exploring their new home tomorrow. Thanks
  11. 😆 i of course meant Dutch Bantam. Should i remove the perch and give them more room? They are quite petite hens. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
  12. Some help please. How high should the perch be? I have 3 French bantam cross Is it a little too high? Thanks
  13. We're in the north in Scotland and the hens are about 18-20 weeks so wanted to be sure they were comfortable. Got them back after driving on horrendous wind, snow and rain. They are settled in the coop and i saw them fluffing the hay bedding but they decided not to venture out the coop. They are shut in for rhe night and I'll let them out early as I'll be up early for the boxing.
  14. Leaving to pick up our girls in an hour. Just finished the run and coup

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