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  1. The border/edging will be here tomorrow so I'll have everything ready to go for the new arrivals. I have a clear tarp which covers the complete run. I'm going with a membrane and woodchipd for now, will probably remove the chips and fit slabs before next winter.
  2. Yes they will be told to be nice and calm around them. Looking forward to posting pics when i get them. I've ordered raised edge bedding to keep the woodchips in the run but looks like it wont be here in time so the hens will have to make do with grass and some straw for a week.
  3. Thanks for your replies. The kids are very excited for picking them up, ok me more so 😁
  4. I am picking up my new hens on Saturday and should have them home for 4pm. X 3 bantams. What is the best way to settle them? Should i put them in the coop and let them settle overnight before letting them out in the run rhe next morning? Should i put food and water in their coop for the first night? I have some Nettex Vit Boost + with Added Seaweed, should i give them this to help them settle? will they need worming or anything to ensure they are in good health? Thanks
  5. I've found something that will suit. My coop and run will be in the corner of my garden so it won't be a trip hazard
  6. I'm looking to get my go up ready for picking up my hens. Does anyone know where i can get edging like in this photo?
  7. Probably a repeat topic but as Omlet don't do an automatic door for the go i was looking at this https://www.hentronix.co.uk/mainstore/hentronix-handle-operated-coop-opener Has any used this? If so, any reviews?
  8. Thanks for the replies. What should i use to fill the dust bath?
  9. Quick question, how important is a dust bath and what do you put in it? Would this suffice for the hens i am getting?
  10. Great, thanks very much. Is it best to cover the carrier with a blanket? Thanks for the replies, we're going to see the hens on Sunday.
  11. Great, thanks very much. Is it best to cover the carrier with a blanket?
  12. Will a cat carry box be big enough for 3 bantams?
  13. I'm just looking for placid hens to have for the occasional eggs and for my kids to enjoy. Quick question, what shall i transport them home in? Will a cat carry box donor a cardboard box?
  14. The lady is only asking £10 per hen and I’m travelling 2hrs this Sunday to see them. Thanks for the advice and tips, she seems to know what she’s talking about so hoping all is above board.
  15. Some are a dutch cross fizzle apparently, not sure what that means
  16. Here are recent photos i received today. My kids are very excited, me too 😁
  17. I'm struggling to find people who sell chickens and in particular bantams. Would like to know when bantams are reccomended I meant which bantams are reccomended
  18. The lady selling those said the photos were older and the hens were 20 weeks now. Is that too young?
  19. Wow that's a bigger egg than i thought they would lay. Yes the person selling said there were pekins also. They are sending me close up photos tomorrow.
  20. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, it really is appreciated.
  21. Thanks for the reply, lovely looking hens. I've seen some dutch bantams for sale which i may go and see when i get back to the UK. I was told the photos are from a few weeks ago.
  22. Brilliant, thanks very much for the informative detailed reply. I like the idea of the hanging peck toy, means you can leave food out for them to eat in the morning without worrying about attracting rats. Which peck toy is good for this?
  23. I have an eglu go up with 2m run, total novice and these will be my first hens. I was thinking of getting 3 dutch bantams, is this a good hen for a beginner? I have 2 children aged 7 and 10 so looking for something fairly placid. Thanks

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