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  1. I will probably go for slabs as it's been tried and tested by others on here.
  2. I have an eglu go up with 2m run, total novice and these will be my first hens. I was thinking of getting 3 dutch bantams, is this a good hen for a beginner? I have 2 children aged 7 and 10 so looking for something fairly placid. Thanks
  3. I'm home this week (i work overseas) and are looking to pick our hens soon but we won't be picking them up until the 21st as we are away to Disneyland Paris and didn't want to leave them for someone to look after for the 4 days. We were hoping to get some Bantams but the ones we were hoping to get have been sold. Does anyone have any reccomendations as to what type of hens would be best? We are looking for something that will be fairly placid. I still haven't decided on what flooring I should have in my coop, there are so many contrasting views. I'm thinking of a pea gravel under a menbrane with a french drain. I am looking at wood chips on top of the menbrane. Has anyone had any experience or reviews of this automatic coop door opener for the go up? https://www.hentronix.co.uk/mainstore/hentronix-handle-operated-coop-opener https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnQE9peSyq4 What should I buy in preperation for getting my hens? Thanks.
  4. I've taken a vested interest in this thread as you're pretty much at the same stage as me. We are hoping to get our hens mid feb, the kids can't wait.
  5. I was thinking of putting down a sand with a membrane on top then some astroturf (loosely) on top of that. I could put wood chips on top of the astroturf and wheb it needs cleaned just lift the astroturf and empty it into my compost bin, hose it down and put it back with some wood chips on top. This makes it easy to clean, any water/rain will drain through the astroturf/membrane/sand. Does this sound like a visble option?
  6. I'll probably do that before the winter then, I'll keep it on grass untill then. What do you reccomend for on top of the slabs?
  7. My son has one of these (cozmo) and he loves it. They are quirky and the get smarter.
  8. We're putting it at the back corner of the garden meaning we will be able to see it from our extension and kitchen. Not decided on which type of bantam yet, we'll be getting our hens mid feb. Reference the flooring, we are just leaving it in one place on the grass then will peg down some membrane and put thick wood chips or aubiose. What's recommended?
  9. They were moving house and there hens are now with their neighbours. I put everything up today, i found a tutorial video on YouTube. I'll get my hens when we get back from Disneyland Paris next month.
  10. It's green. I couldn't believe how much extra stuff the couple had given us.
  11. Thanks for the info, we have 2 perches which we will put up also looking at extending the run.
  12. I'm looking at getting Bantams. What food is best for them? Do they need grit and oysters shells? Thanks
  13. We got a go up , 2m run, 2 x 1m perch, food, covers, winter covers and a whole host of accessories earlier today. It's all less than a year old, I'll give it a good wash tomorrow and attempt to assemble the run.
  14. There is a 2m run and they will get to roam the garden an hour or so each day. I'm thinking to get bantams as they are smaller.
  15. We went to look at Rhode Rock Blacktail and Isla Browns. We pick up our go up and accessories tomorrow. We are off to Disneyland Paris next month so will get them upon our return. I'll post photos and look forward to contributing to this forum.
  16. I've managed to acquire a 12 month only Go Up with 2m run and a host of covers and perch etc and pick it up tomorrow. Kids are very excited at the thought of getting hens.
  17. Thanks to all for your advice, I'm thinking to get x 3 bantams and keep an eye out for a 2nd hand cube or go up.
  18. Thanks for the reply soapdragon, it's appreciated. I looked at some ISA hens today
  19. Good day, My wife and I are looking to get some hens for our back garden and stumbled across the eglu products. The hens (ideally 3) would ideally be let out free roam in the garden for an hour or so each day. I have a few questions and any replies with advice would be greatly appreciated. 1. Which hens? We have two children aged 7 and 10 so something fairly placid and easy going. Eggs are a bonus and not a must so not only after a layong machine. I've read elsewhere that bantams may be a good choice? 2. Which coop? We like the idea of the automatic door so the cube appealed as the go up can't have this fitted can it? Would the cube be overkill and too big for 3 hens? 3. Coop door opened or closed at night? We have a small stream behind our garden and no doubt there are rats about, would they attack the hens? Are the holes in the run mesh ratproof? Many thanks

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