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  1. I'm not watching, because my OH has "had enough of chickens... blah...blah...blah!" I did want to watch it though...
  2. I so love my white eggs, all eggs are great but coloured eggs are so... eggciting!
  3. p.s. It does look suspiciously similar in colour to yours although I'd need a paint chart to be absolutely sure!
  4. Thanks guys, for the record I didn't get around to doing anything different with the chooks, Gladys just suddenly seemed to find her own way! I promise that I will learn how to upload my camera one day... soon...maybe... and that the first picture I will post will be here. I have decided that pistachio is a less than accurate description of Gladys' eggs more Farrow and Ball, Cooking Apple Green!!!!!!!!
  5. I have an eglu plus convertor and had 3 initially and when one died I got another 2. So now I have 4. They free-range quite a lot and tend to shout if I keep them in for too long but seem fine in the run. I think the convertor make a big difference. Good luck!
  6. Frustrating though it is, it will definitely be worth the wait! Any day now!
  7. I still haven't mastered the uploading thingamajig on my camera, so will have to describe. Gladys has very pale earlobes which are tinged with green and she is laying eggs which I have now decided are cooking apple green in colour!!!!!!! Blodwen lays white eggs and she has pink ear lobes so I'm not sure of the logic there! But I'm sure someone more knowledgable than me will explain the finer points!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well done, I don't think you ever really lose the excitement of finding eggs laid by your very own chickens!!!!!!
  9. I still can't tell the difference between my two brown egg layers unless they are side by side, which is why when I bought new hens I chose ones which would lay different coloured eggs!
  10. Not only did Gladys lay me an egg but it is a delightful shade of pistachio!!!!!! Suddenly the eggs with no shell are a distant memory! Three eggs in a day - it's a miracle (Quiche for supper) Hurrrrrrraaahhhhhhhhhh for chickens!
  11. Thanks Claret, to be honest that never even occurred to me... I will go and do it now!
  12. Hi I have just read all the threads on soft-shelled eggs but have a few questions still... How long before I start to worry that something is really wrong (Gladys has been laying softies for over 2 weeks now). These are her first eggs so is it likely to be a temporary glitch? Also, all the other hens are laying good, hard-shelled eggs, so if it was a problem with calcium shouldn't the rest of them be experiencing the same problems? Thanks everyone! x
  13. Hi xChicken04x Yes, she has quite a big hairdo and white earlobes with a green tinge, but she is still laying soft, reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllly soft, shelled eggs. Beautiful yolks! I will try the mash with grit tomorrow. The nesting box is really icky every day so I hope she starts laying eggs with shells soon!

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