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  1. Ok so I’ve got it on order and it’ll be here tomorrow. Jus to be sure: if my ducks swallow some of this, they’ll be ok? My patio has seen better days if I’m honest, and doesn’t drain as well any mores, and as they tend to drink any puddles I’m jus double checking it’s completely safe for them.....sorry....am a bit of a worry wart wen it comes to them!
  2. Thanks ever so much guys! I’ll go and have a look. Am so relieved there’s actually something I can use. Have searched like crazy on the tinterweb but all I could find involved white wine vinegar, but even then, it didn’t say that it they ingested it, that it would be ok...
  3. Hi all. I have four ducks. They come onto my patio daily to have a rummage around and what not. This gets hosed daily but the runoff is starting to back up a bit. I want to disinfect it but can’t find one that not only smells nice, but is safe should my ducks ingest it. Any ideas would be fantastic....
  4. Hi. I’m completely new to forums and ducks, but here goes! My two Khaki Campbell girls started laying a cpl of eggs last weekend. But for the past cpl of days, there’s been only one egg and in the pen, what looks like to be a deflated white balloon. I should add that they’re shut in their duck shed from 11pm until 8.45am and they lay the egg(s) there. Once they’re in their pen, I’ve found the deflated egg on the platform where their water buckets are. They’re fed on premium layer pellets, and have access at all times while they’re out, to oyster shell as well. I’ve read that this could be a ‘soft shell egg?’ But am not sure why it’s happening. Can anyone help?

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