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    Yes they had Flubenvet 2 weeks ago. They are Lohmann Browns & they are 32 weeks old i think. Thank you
  2. Hello, One of my chickens is laying eggs with very thin soft shells. She’s done it 2 days in a row. The other 2 hens are laying fine. They are on layer pellets and have grit. Any ideas please?
  3. One of my girls has produced eggs with blood on the outside & also has a messy backend. She is bright & her usual self. The other 2 seem fine. Any ideas please?
  4. Thank you for that advice. Good to knows about the rats!
  5. Thank you so much for your reply. After looking after so many different animals it felt a bit alien to me to give them no water overnight. But I will do as you advise. We got 3 Lohman Brown POLs on Saturday. They seem to be settling in well. One is more confident & one is more shy. But they liked to be talked to so we are getting to know each other at the mo.
  6. Hello, Quick Q I am new to chicken owning & have an Eglu cube. There is nowhere in the inside to hand a drinker or food. I have read some posts where people advise no food or water in the coop. Do they really need no food or water overnight? TIA

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