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  1. I have two lovely friendly hybrid girls who I adore and I’m tempted to rehome a cockerel...is this a good idea? I have an Eglu Classic with a walk in run.
  2. My girl Doris didn’t lay yesterday. This morning she went in and laid a regular normal egg. But a few minutes later she went in the nesting box again and laid a second egg, except this one had a soft shell! Is this normal? She’s a relatively young bird who only started laying in March - is it something that can happen? I thought two eggs in a day was almost impossible!? She seems well in herself though - perky as normal!
  3. Thank you so much Dogmother 🙏 I checked her over and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, her crop was okay etc - but I’ve given her the warm water feed mix and she has just wolfed it down and has seemed to perk up significantly and started walking about with Aggie again. I’m so relieved! I don’t have NutriDrops at the minute but I’ve added some poultry tonic to her water - hopefully she’ll be right as rain again tomorrow! thank you!
  4. Hi I’m a new chicken owner of two chickens and I’m a bit concerned about my girl Doris. She only started laying 5 days ago and normally squawks away all day and scratches about with Aggie. But today she is really really subdued. She’s sitting down all the time and closing her eyes. She’s much slower when she walks about and isn’t interested in her food. Also she’s doing really small poops - a pea sized about comes out each time often watery like scrambled egg. I’m really worried about the poor girl! She laid this morning and was less loud than she has been whilst laying. Could it be down to the hotter weather we’re getting? Aggie seems fine and like normal. I haven’t noticed any worms in their poop or anything like that. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated - somethings just not right and I’m new to this! xxx
  5. I’m curious about this too! I’m getting my chickens next week and will probably start off just with grass but I’m thinking that wood chips will be the way to go for me. Is it essential to lay them on slabs? How often would you change the chips? I’ve got a classic and a 2m run that I’m going to be keeping in a permanent position. I also have a full length cover for when it rains.

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