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  1. That’s what I had in the current classic run. Although there were some fairly compacted slightly stinky bits after a year 🙈
  2. Thanks!! Do you have a pic at all? what do you fix the tarps with, I don’t find the bungee cords very good. the “open” side faces our house so is fine in most weathers but will remember that for nasty. Does aubiose cope with getting a little bit wet? I find no matter how I cover it water comes in the door end or somewhere 🙈
  3. I should have got a cube to start with. I knew it. 🙈 Although I know it’s not as good as the original I’m quite excited about the new arrival tomorrow. Today is being spent moving all the old bark off the slabs and laying them better.... The age old question - what do people have in their runs? The run will just be the normal cube one. I’ve bought the baffles for the back and the clear cover. I’ve no idea how easibed would fare as there would still be water getting in and it would escape.... Do I stick with (flyte so fancy) woodchip.... Any other suggestions? What do other people with the same have? thanks 🥰
  4. Do they maybe just prefer the door as a perch to the roosting bars? mine seem to like the edge of the classic nestbox better than the bars. Was debating trying to fit a perch....
  5. I was having a debate as to how to keep stuff in the run.... Although as I have a classic I’m not sure log roll would work as well 🤔
  6. I’ve mixed some of the “tiny” grit in with the gastro grit in case they still wanted it.... Mine are still going through the fancy stuff at an alarming rate.... Although I am now suspecting some is being turned out on the floor in search of “yum”
  7. I’m interested in this as I moved my bantams from Garvo growers pellets onto alfamix..... I think for similar reasons as you. But I don’t think I will buy it again when I run out. I still like the idea, but I worry that despite my best efforts they are picking out good stuff. I try and only put a bit out (roughly what they’d eat in a day) and force them to eat the boring stuff but it’s really hard to actually do. Plus I then give them no treats as I worry and I miss feeding the mealworms! They spend afternoons and evenings out free ranging so I think they get enough “sweets” and choice that way and I will go back to pellets... I am glad I tried though, who knows I might switch back again 🤣 if anyone has any recommendations for bantam sized pellets then please let me know.
  8. I keep asking to join this page but haven’t been accepted 😢
  9. Thanks mullethunter. This forum is so reassuring!! 🥰
  10. I gave her crop a bit of a massage last night when I was checking it, then a proper one today, and she has seemed so much better today! Digging, dust bathing, generally chickening!! I’m so (tentatively) happy. i didn’t isolate her or remove food, hopefully that’s not a problem 😳 going to check her over at bed time. She hasn’t had any nutridrops today (she’s been hard to catch!) - should I give her some at bed time? im pretty sure her sister is broody. 🙈
  11. So this morning when I let them out she still has stuff in her crop. The liquid seemed to have gone through, so it felt more like “normal” and it wasn’t hard, but it certainly hadn’t emptied..... what do I do?
  12. Her crop is slightly spongier than the other two.... Theirs feels more grainy.... Hoping she is magically better tomorrow 🤞🤞🤞 Another chook, Emily is now sitting in the nest box a lot. So either there’s something wrong with her or she has broody hints 🙈
  13. I really hope so! she is laying, but hasn’t today or yesterday.... I couldn’t feel anything. But now hoping I didn’t poke too hard and break a softy. 😢
  14. Thanks DM... With the help of a second pair of hands we managed to get a decent amount in. Not quite sure of her weight, but estimated.... Really worried about her. She’s taken herself off to bed. 😢
  15. I’ve used invermectin but not flubenvet..... I have a test kit.... they were wormed with flubenvet just before I got them

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