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  1. They arrived yesterday morning. Will try and get better pics today, yesterday turned into a hectic day (nothing to do with the chooks).... They had a good scratch around when they got here. Seemed ok. Ate some corn and mealworms and even some food. Then they went and hid in the house for most of the day. I turfed them out about 5pm and they had another wee dig until bedtime. Have just let them out this morning. super cute. Still need names
  2. So.... The garden is cleared. The eglu is built. The woodchip is in (I need more for around the run and to tidy up a bit)... But I even managed to get paving slabs at b&m.... and most importantly the little bantams arrive tomorrow. A few days earlier than expected so it’s been a bit of a scramble. But I’m super excited!!
  3. Perfect. Thanks for the advice! I have one paving slab. Just need to try and find some more without breaking any social distancing rules 🙈 The bantams are arriving on 9th April so better get my finger out and sort the run. they are only going to be 14weeks old. Eeek. So the breeder has said to add vitamins to their water. I have lifeguard tonic. Does anyone know if that’s ok? Themadchicken - I’ve probably been bad as I’ve found a breeder that delivers. There’s also a new PoL hybrid delivery at hensmadeeasy in fife. What are you looking for?
  4. I’ll get the run setup and then work out where to put a trug!! Confirmed my order of three Wyandotte bantams yesterday!! Super excited. no idea how I’m going to get run sorted with no garden waste and no tip though! I’ve noticed a lot of you say paving slabs for under the run material.... why is this? Just to stop the mud mixing in?
  5. Does anyone have any tips for what makes a good bantam sized dust bath? Round washing up bowl? Shallow trug? and would you put it in the (already small) run or just outside? thanks!!! Sorry for so many questions
  6. Lovely photos!!! And stories, definitely all have personalities!! I have my eglu. Well I have the run, they forgot one of the boxes and I failed to check so that’s arriving today!! I have tentatively got Wyandotte bantams reserved (pretty good for the current crazy). Now I just need to get everything set up and ready!!!
  7. Thanks Dogmother. Good to know on both counts.
  8. This made me laugh!! Wings clipped to start with I reckon 🤣 I may have sourced some Wyandotte bantams for early April. I do quite fancy Wyandotte’s. Although Pekins also look lush! do any of you have perches in the classic run? I wondered if this would work or be cramped!? I can see a top up omlet order happening for a cover, perches and I really want a swing still - no idea why! also need tips for teaching the whippet that bantams are friends! Will see how he is with them. They may be kept apart.
  9. So will power overload today! I turned down pol hybrids that my local supplier had managed to source! Glass of wine and bantam research time!
  10. Thanks dogmother. And yes, that’s why I’m thinking bantams May we’ll be the way forward. Would hate for quarantine and them to be cramped.... Do you think three bantams is the limit?
  11. Awwww look at duck 🥰 The plan is that they will be out in the garden most of the day (OH works from home so I feel safer than if he didn’t)..... Another random question, are bantams better at flying than chickens? Does clipping their wings encourage them to stay within the fences? 🙈
  12. I’ll go find practical poultry. Sadly north Oxfordshire is too far
  13. So I have ordered my eglu classic, in purple... Much to OHs despair. We have the area for it nearly cleared and will site it on woodchip/aubiose... I have realised that my maths is shoddy and if I want in at the front or the back then the 3m run is going to be super tight..... So (ignoring the fact there are no chickens available anywhere) I am now seriously having the bantam debate! the supplier near me usually has bantam Wyandotte’s and Orpington’s so I might wait til she hatched some of them.... OH is a bit sad as he has heard tales of big friendly chooks and yummy eggs so I need tales of friendly bantams and yummy eggs please! also any ideas and pics of a standard eglu set up to keep it interesting for them. I’d love a chicken swing and a dust bath but I think they might have to be outside the run!! thanks for all your help!!
  14. So soapdragon.... I’m confused... Do you light light Sussex 😂😉
  15. The one that has unsexed eggs is the purebreed breeder I know of. I’ll have a look for others tomorrow, but would rather use someone I know is good/reliable..... ....also, will have the 3m run so one extension. Its a shame, but if the worlds gone chicken mad then I’ll just have to wait. Can’t help worrying that half the chooks will be unwanted in a while though....

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