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  1. I think guinea-pigs are much more hardy than we give them credit for. I used to bring mine into the shed for the winter and it was always a bit depressing to see them shut in together (ours are boys and they get on eachother's nerves at times). For the last few years they have been free-range outside during the day with a wooden hutch and one of those 'hutch snuggles' for the night. They seem so much happier now and it really pleases me to see them trotting round the garden and fighting the pekins for carrots! If they don't like the cold they stay in with loads of hay. My husband had a guinea-pig as a boy (he use to breed them) and it escaped and lived under the shed for 5 years.
  2. I don't think that a cock would stop a really determine bullying hen. I've never had just hens so I don't know how much they normally get broody - my Pekins get broody at the drop of a hat!
  3. I have 3 Pekin bantam cockerels and I adore them. they are so considerate of the hens and will wait outside whilst they lay! Pros: very entertaining and friendly protect the hens and keep order chicks Cons: noise (if that bothers you) we've had to put a post box on our gate because the 'head boy' had cornered and attacked the postman!
  4. I'm not keen on chickens with odd-looking combs - or , as my daughter puts it, the ones that look like they've got 'ham sellotaped to their heads'. Or skinny chickens. I like them fluffy so of course I have mostly Pekins. I adore their little feathery trousers!
  5. I used to use a power washer but I found that there were some things that a quick soak and a washing up brush removes much more easily. The power washer blasted everything but the vital scrubbing ingredient was missing!
  6. We have 3 pekin bantams at the school where I work and they free range on the school field all day and they don't go all that far and are always together. One of them is a cockerel though so perhaps he does the herding?!
  7. My bantams are definitely pets. The hens don't really come into the house - too timid - but my cockerel, Cheep, was hand reared and he comes in at every opportunity! He likes to sit on the furniture and crow, is happy to be cuddled or will sit on your lap (he likes his wattles stroked!!)
  8. It might be that one of the other hens is pulling them out. We have a hen who looks dreadful (and has a bald bum) because the the other hen (who looks gorgeous!) keeps pulling them out!
  9. Our bantam hens are too timid to come in the house but the cockerel comes in at every opportunity - he will peck food out of your hand if you aren't careful, you can see him studying you to see if you have anything of interest. He also likes to hop up onto something high and crow! His most daring exploit has been to hop upstairs.
  10. My cockerel makes a particular noise whenever someone turns their back on him or walks away - does anyone know why they do that?
  11. I've got a Buff Pekin who's been broody since April. She sat on the nest (along with 2 other hens!) the eggs hatched but she wasn't interested, she wanted to get straight back on the empty nest! I've been a bit reluctant to use a broody cage - I kept hoping she'd snape out of it, but no! I've had to close the eglu during the day to get her outside, all the other hens are now laying in the guinea-pig hutch or the hedge.
  12. I have Pekin chicks that are about 6-7 weeks old and the cockerels have very obviously red combs and wattles and are bigger than the hens. Their combs became red about 2-3 weeks ago, but I think pekins develop early because my last lot were attempting to crow at about 4-5 weeks!
  13. Interesting, I've noticed the same thing today. I assumed my cockerel had been trying a bit too hard!
  14. I suppose it depends what size you want. I've got an Octogon 10 (takes 10 eggs) and I bought in from the Insectlore catalogue because they do a whole starter kit.

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