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  1. Hi. Have 2 new pullets added to our existing 2 hens. New ones will not go in the coop at night, just staying in the run. Old hens aren’t blocking them. Any tips very welcome. Thank you. 😊
  2. That’s so helpful. Thank you very much.
  3. Good morning all. Up until last week I had a lovely flock of 4 hens - had them about a year. I would typically let them out of their pen to free roam for a few hours each day when I'm home. Unfortunately we lost two hens to young foxes, in the middle of the day! This is not the first time it's happened and I'm looking to get an electric fence so my remaining and future hens can have a bit of freedom outside of their pen. I have no clue of where to start and would welcome any tips and advice re basic requirements/brand etc. Thank you!
  4. Thank you @Beantree @The Dogmother they were free roaming in the garden. I usually round them up around 5pm, but was later yesterday. Dogs went bezerk around 5:30, went outside and tell tale feathers on the lawn. Am surprised the fox took two. They have a large, secure run and we only let them out of there for a few hours a day 😢
  5. Thank you. I'm on the Kildare/Wicklow border in the Republic of Ireland. I've put the word out locally, so fingers crossed.
  6. Hi everyone. this is my first time posting and my apologies if this is not the correct forum. we lost two of our three hens to foxes today and I'm worried about our remaining hen being on her own. Ordinarily, I'd replace them ASAP, but due to lock down the earliest I can get some is 21st April. Am grateful for any advice on how to keep her healthy and happy, as I'm aware single hens do not thrive. thank you.

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