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  1. Hi first of all I'd like to start by saying we are new to the whole keeping chickens scenario (and when I say new I mean eggs are incubating new) As with many of you probably know male chicks are a problem many are faced with at some point in time if you buying hatching eggs. We have decided and we believe this to be the best way but by no means the easiest way to cull the male chicks at day old stage. Not ideal but needs must... After reading through methods on how to cull we have narrowed it down to two methods mainly one as I'll be the one doing it as my wife and 3 kids arnt an option. So the methods are co2 chamber or snipping the neck. Now for me the sight of blood send me to the ground quicker then a skydiver without a parachute so I'm not 100% feeling this method if I'm honest. The co2 method seems someone easier to accomplish. As I understand and from the step by step method I've seen I have a couple sticking points. First is the 'white vinegar' does this need to be white vinegar or can distilled white vinegar be a substitute. Secondly is the amount of chicks this works on. Step by step was for 1 chick. We have 6 eggs in the incubator. Say worst case all 6 are male and I need to do this for all 6 chicks do I need to do it 6 seperate times or can I use a larger quality of bicarb and vinegar? If anyone has any experience with this method could they please share. Many thanks in advance for any advice given. Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Well

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