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  1. Thank you Olly. Yes, rehoming to a pet home. How, and where will take them? Does anyone know of any places?
  2. Well, we got some young chooks a couple of months ago that are now in the eglu cube, and the oldies are enjoying their retirement in a little hutch underneath the trampoline (unused!) the side netting pulled down forms a great fence . They have plenty of space there and can roam around. But just didn't see that as long term I don't want to put the oldies in with the youngies as the oldies' eggs are now usually broken, if they lay at all, and we have tried all the treatments and calcium additives to water etc. Happy to let them stay it out, but just wanted to explore the option of them going somewhere to retire. They are great chickens, very friendly and full of character and well loved by the family of course. So it doesn't look like it's possible, so maybe a donation of an additional hen house (even if temporary) would be ideal, although there is the economy to be considered since they're past producing eggs really Thanks for all your suggestions
  3. We have two elderly chickens that are reaching the end of their laying life, and wanted to plan for their retirement. I have heard that such places exist, but cannot find them - is there a farm or home that can take them in, and let them spend their golden years in a free range and comfortable environment, perhaps with other old chooks like them? Maybe even somewhere we can come and visit them occassionally. This isn't a direct re-housing request, but information on such places would be useful infomation. We are in the Reading/Berkshire are if that helps, so ideally not too far to travel.
  4. We have an eglu cube, and our chickens have a habit of sleeping in the nest, but we want them to sleep on the roosting bars so their poo can go into the trays rather than on the straw and on the eggs that they lay in the morning. How can we encourage them to stay on the roosting bars at night? Thanks David.
  5. Hi all - Is it possible to add a middle section to an eglu (mark 1) run, so the run can be made even bigger? We have 4 chickens and want them to have a bit more space. If so where can I get such an extension? Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you very much, that has been very helpful. We will take our time introducing them, and see how it goes. I'm looking forward to seeing them all have mud baths together
  7. We have 2 new young chickens (Amber lees) which we need to integrate to share an Eglu with the 2 older Gingernut rangers - which we have had for around 20 months. The older chickens are till not happy with new ones, even though they've had a few days to get used to them now. We were wondering if anyone had any good tips? It is quite alarming when the older ones peck at the younger ones and don't get on. The young ones are relatively passive. Will the older ones settle down, and how long will it take on average? Any advice?
  8. thanks for replies. I think in summary I am assuming there is nothing really wrong with the chicken, and have cleaned out their nest again. The eggs still have small bumps on the shell, but not as many as before. Maybe it will clear up?
  9. One of our chickens has been laying well for a while, but recently laid some eggs which had soft/broken shells and a bubble/lumpy texture on the surface of the egg. The texture is like tiny balls of shell attached to the surface of the egg - very strange. The following image shows what one looks like Is there anything wrong, or causing this? What do you advise?[/img]

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