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  1. For the first time I have taken on 4 ex batts bringing my little flock up to 8. My other chooks spend all day outside the new girlies are only just learning to go outside as a result the poo trays and the nesting box seems to get filled up twice as quickly.I have been using easibed in the nest box but they seem to ruin it within a day! Is there anything else fellow chook wranglers use that is more absorbent and doesn't need changing every day?
  2. Found the poisonous plants. Now foods are tomatoes toxic to chooks?
  3. There used to be a list of plants, foods fruits etc that were poisonous to chickens on here somewhere, does anyone know whereabouts it is please?
  4. In the olden days Omlet used to list recommended breeders I got some blackrocks from a supplier near Preston but I can't remember the suppliers name or village(it's an age thing!!!!) Where's the list gone or does anyone know/remember the suppliers name???Long shot I know!!
  5. I also don't get on as often as I used to.After keeping hens for a few years and coping with everything (including despatching) I think you get more complacent and don't feel the need to come on as often.
  6. After we lost Charlie our 13 year old springer in Feb we have now lost Jess our Border at age 16. The void is massive!!!!!!
  7. I got one for Christmas! I think it's great just like Star Trek
  8. Too late now anyway someone else has reserved him!!!!
  9. I've got space! Based on the way they all pile on top of each other in the nest box I have space for about 250 more chooks in the cube!!!!!
  10. Does having a cockerel help chooks lay any better? At the mo 4 out of 5 are on strike!!!!! The reason I ask is there is a 9 month old one at animal care and he is gorgeous he got sacked from his last home for being too noisy! Just how noisy is a cockerel anyway????
  11. Wouldn't it be better to have Adams farm as a separate programme altogether? I think he has a lot to say and it's always interestin on his rare breed farm. He is a damn sight more knowlegable than Jimmy know nothing and they keep giving him shows!
  12. I too don't know you personally and haven't been on forum for some time. I would like to add my deepest sympathy. I went cold when I read your post.
  13. Sorry no excuse for animal abuse they rely on you 110% to look after them. The 'poor' man deserves no sympathy in my opinion, he had a duty of care which he failed to carry out plus if you love your wargs you couldn't do that to them anyway!!!

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