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  1. Hi, looking for a good condition 2x3x2 walk in omelet run. I weight up getting something that does the job and 1/2 the price new but then I just doing like it. I like the omelet run. I just can’t bring myself to pay another £550 on top of the hen house I already spent £180 on and the £100 in chicken feed, grit, feeders etc. Also looking to get some ex: battery hens. I am looking for fresh free range organic eggs more than anything and to give the chickens a better life. Based in BIllericay, Essex
  2. Is there a second hand market out there for "walk in chicken run The 3m x2m x2m fenced in option? I am looking to invest but can't afford £600 just for a cage. I looked at some other no- omelette options but they do not seem to have the surrounding ground protection meshing. Thoughts please?

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