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  1. Hi we have a cube with a three metre run, when cleaning etc I think it would help if a door was also at the rear. Thanks ted
  2. Thanks for your reply, I have moss /soft clippings in the nest. I am thinking the run is too comfortable with 4 to 5 inches of straw and acting like a good place to lay?
  3. Hi we have silkies 8 months old and are now starting to get eggs, unfortunately They lay on run floor, how do you get them to lay in nest box please,
  4. Hi our girls are now using ramp markII (More foot holds and longer ramp), without trouble Thanks again for you advice.
  5. Thanks for this Dogmother I have only had the girls for a few days, I have made a longer ramp with lots of footholds Its not as steep hopefully they will get used to it. Fingers crossed. Ted
  6. Hi how do I get my 2 new 9 week old silkies to go into house I have made ramp and fitted inside light, any ideas please
  7. Hi we are waiting for 4 x six week old bantam chicks to arrive and intend to keep them in a dog cage indoors until they are ready to go into our cube. Can anyone advise what is best to put on the base to keep them comfortable. Thank you Ted

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