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  1. Hi guys. Well the weather this week has been a god send. The coup is nice and dry and the girls are all happy but they have eaten every bit of greenery that’s come up lol 😂
  2. I’ve currently got very soggy easibed. It wasnt even this wet during the winter lol
  3. Is ANYONE having issue keep the run floors dry in the awful weather? I’ve got a plastic roof on and have got tarps around but it’s just soooo wet 🥴
  4. My 10wk old PR today is being very quiet. She’s eating and drinking and will potter about but I’d staying in the coop and it puffed with with her eye closed when she’s not eating. We introduced 2 new hens 7 days ago and they seem fine together. Any ideas 💡?!?!
  5. He’s a Brahma lol started crowing 2 days ago lol 😂 he’s going to stay in my cousins small holing. Gutted as he’s stunning but don’t think the. Neighbours would be pleased if I keep him lol 😂
  6. I’ve hatched this little one 8wks ago. Any ideas what gender? I’ve already had to rehome one as it was male and crowing but no idea with this one. Any ideas 💡
  7. Brand new feeders. One food and one water Surplus to requirement. Will post for extra cost. £15.00 for both
  8. Oh Hahahaha yes I see lol Ooopsy sorry lol treats (auto correct ) lol May try the broccoli 🥦. Think they just need to go out permanently but thanks you the UK weather not sure it’s Time yet lol Thanks everyone TREATS not tea lol
  9. Tea?? What do I give them actually tea? Thank you Loo roll middle. Ace idea THANK YOU
  10. I’ve got 4 5wk old chicks still indoors in a large set up but think they are getting a little bored. Ones not got all it’s feathers yet so not ready to go outside yet. I’ve given them a dust bath, treat holders ( with chick feed in) and they get tea twice a week. Any ideas??
  11. Hi Im in the west Mids 😊
  12. Looking for a Eglu. Can be new or used and with or without runs etc. Reasonable price. Collection within certain distance or post would be great.

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