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  1. Thanks for your reply 😊
  2. Would really like to know what is wrong with poor little Beatrice. I have had her 9 weeks, she is an ex-batt and I got her from a small independent 'rescue' group. Ever since she arrived she has had a problem with a leaky vent and dirty feathers. She was picked on so much by the other 2 that I had them re-homed a week after they all arrived. I am new to chicken keeping and did not have the facilities to separate them. She has had all the usual things recommended for vent gleet, no change. She is now on her third lot of anti-biotics - 1. Tylan 2. Nystatin 3. Noroclav. I have treated her for worms and lice and mites. Every morning she gets up at 7.30, having already laid her egg and within 15 -30 mins she has a watery discharge dripping from her vent, down her feathers. You can see it dripping onto the ground, it is clear but possibly a slightly whitey colour. The leakage tends to last up to an hour and then stops or is not noticeable. If I wash her she will often have lovely clean feathers all day until the next morning. I don't believe it is vent gleet - does that run as a clear fluid? It is not a broken egg. The vet thinks that the leak might be urates, I'm not convinced but it is possible. She is eating and drinking well. Passing mostly normal poos - anti-biotics are causing some dodgy ones. She is alert and interested in everything, she is not unwell in herself. She generally lays everyday since the she had one stuck a week after she arrived. Last week she had a couple of soft shelled eggs which I am putting down to the ABs or anti-inflammatories vet prescribed. I think she was not rescued at the time that I got her, she did not have any feather loss apart from her tail feathers missing whereas the other 2 were 'oven ready'. I think this might be a long term problem which someone decided to pass on to someone else...me! So don't know how old she is but think more than 18 months. The other problem is that she is lonely. I spend as much time as I can with her, but I cannot get any more hens while she has this problem (plus the cat is terrified by her 🙄). I cannot get her re-homed while she has this problem. Does anyone have any ideas please? I want to do the best for Bea but I really don't know what else to try.😕
  3. Me too! And only had them one day!! Please could I ask what solution you have that works? Many thanks
  4. I hope your Eglu arrived on Monday and that your chickens are settling in well Photos? You must have had a rush to put everything together with such a delayed delivery. Mine arrived on the Monday, it's all up, run in place...now trying to find some chickens to live in it! 😟
  5. Yes, twice. Held in a queue for several minutes and then a message that the call can not be taken and disconnected. Have sent an email and a DM via Twitter. If it hasn't been dispatched yet, that's it now till Tuesday. Very disappointed. It is beginning to take the shine off the whole process. Nearly bid on a second hand one a couple of weeks ago, but foolishly thought it would be here soon. Can't get on list with BHWT until it arrives 😔
  6. Well, so my "order" has arrived and sure enough, no Eglu. Tracking information now shows that Eglu, frame, wheels and run extension not even arrived with courier. Have been very patient so far but really *****ed off with this now 😒
  7. Oh dear, that is disappointing. I hope you get it sorted quickly. My Eglu is due to be dispatched today - very excited! I hope they don't forget to include it and just send the bits and bobs that I ordered with it 🙄
  8. I agree that they are a small independent business and need our support at this time. To be fair, Omlet have been overwhelmed with orders, so are not struggling in the way many businesses are, but obviously still operating under very difficult circumstances. However, I am fairly annoyed to learn that they are not made in the UK as I had thought they were. This is obviously part of the reason for the delay! I can't get on a waiting list for hens until I have the coop, so now looking at August at the earliest I am guessing and I expect to have to go back into work in September 😞 I know, I know...#FirstWorldProblems I do appreciate how lucky I am to be in the position to be getting hens as pets when many people in this country and the world are struggling to keep their heads above water. Still a bit cheesed off though! 😉
  9. I ordered a Go Up on the 21st April with a dispatch date of 16th June...just received an email suggesting that it is now due for dispatch on 17th July. ☚ī¸ Feeling very disheartened. Who is to say it won't be pushed back again?

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