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  1. Hi there, I have just candled my eggs that I thought were all dud and I’ve gone and found one that is still developing- but I’ve just gone and got 6 new eggs to put in and don’t want to mess up this poor little dude. (My kids are hooked on this egg surviving!!?) I don’t want to mess up the new eggs with lockdown for the original surviving egg. But I don’t want to get rid of this poor guy. I think the only solution is to get another incubator for my new eggs. But forking our for a second incubator atm isn’t an option. Hoping to find one to borrow or rent but I don’t know where to look! im in north London btw.... i promise I’d take great care of it and replace it if it did get damaged for something weird reason! i just want some chickens for goodness sake!!!!! Amy
  2. Hi there, I am completely new to hatching eggs. I bought some silkie eggs to hatch with the kids during lockdown.... day 23 and I knew the chicks were dead so I opened them up. Both chicks had not internally pipped. The membranes were moist, the yoke absorbed and the blood vessels clear. Cannot for the life of me see what the problem was. Can anybody suggest anything? I’m using the Brinsea eco manual incubator and just followed the instructions. we candles the eggs last night (day 22) and one has no movement and the other was thrashing away at the internal membranes so I was excited to think he could hatch in the morning. But he was dead too in the same manner as the first. Neither got through that internal membrane. planning on trying again and don’t want to make whatever mistake I made this time- if any???!!! Trying not to be too gutted. Out of 6- one was infertile, 2 never developed at all, 1 had a blood ring and that left us with these precious 2. 😔

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