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  1. Well done our Phylis , she only started crouching yesterday!!!!! This evening went to close their door of the cube, and thought i would just check the nesting area as that is where they sleep. Sitting there next to Beryl minding it's own business was this little beauty!! How exciting!!
  2. Marvellous!! Is it normal to get this excited about eggs??
  3. No sign of eggs so far, but today when getting my girls in for the evening, I didn't have to tear around the garden 100 times to get Phylis She just sat there in an odd fashion. Is this crouching and when do i get my eggs!?!?
  4. "Ooops, word censored!"ody's mentioned Dame Judi's outfit!!! What in gods name was she thinking?!!?
  5. Hi! Sorry to hear about your girls. If you're stuck I can look after your girls for you, just bring your coop thingy and I'll let them free range here under my watchful eye You're only 10 mins from me. Although i am away for Christmas and my neighbour is looking after them for me, I'm not sure he's ready for 5 chooks!! So anytime after then, if you find yourself in need of a foster mum, send me a pm.
  6. Moonie

    Oh No!

    So is that the criteria then, you have to be a bit mad to have chooks?!
  7. MINI!!! Fab little car Not that practical with junior though!
  8. Moonie

    Oh No!

    My sister let my girls in the house today, because she thought they might be cold outside. At the same time my neighbour came to the door with a christmas card. I was standing there with 3 chooks behind me ...... he must think i'm a bit mad!
  9. Great advice everyone Oy mother in law NO!! I will be taking a lot of your advice on board and it's nice to know that i'm not being petty and you agree that what's she's doing is wrong. So BIG thank you's!!
  10. Fence blew down here in Herts last night, one Aggie went for a walk! Ended up wearing a ton of brambles to get her out! I like this weather though ... is that weird?
  11. Thank you everyone for your excellent advice! I will definately have a 'chat' with her and will try and do it in the softest way possible. I think the reason she does it is because of a lot deeper meaning. My hub had a very strict upbringing by his father, so the Mum would give them "Ooops, word censored!" food in order to compensate for his Dad's authority. I think she thinks they will love her if she allows them these treats. The problem was that she gave all her 4 children weight problems and were consequently bullied at school because of it. She also put her finger in her wine glass and put that in my sons mouth when he was 6 months old!!! Another problem is she looks after my SIL's daughter sometimes and she doesn't have a problem when she feeds her ice cream cones for breakfast?!? I really try my hardest to have a harmonious life and not fall out with people but blimey some people push your patience!! I wish my Mum was near (she lives in France) she gets excited when i tell her his favourite food is lentils!! "Such a good boy!" We're going to my folks for Christmas so it'll be a relief to not have to worry about food!! Bizarre as it sounds it's actually reasurring to know that there are other people out there with similar problems.
  12. Not sure she would believe me, but i could try it.
  13. Hello all, my MIL is driving me insane at the moment. I have a 15 month old son and I am very particular about him having a good diet. I cook his dinners and make sure he has fruit and veg everyday. He doesn't eat any junk food whatsoever. I really don't see the point because its bad for him and also he doesn't understand the concept of treats, I would also be nervous that he would then crave sugary food and become a fussy eater. Anyway to cut a long story short, my MIL keeps offering him biscuits, cake and i keep saying every time NO!! Then behind my back she feeds it to him, I've caught her doing this 3 times!!!! Some people may say let her get on with it, but i feel like shes not having any respect for me as his Mum. She keeps saying that she wants to look after him over night, but to be honest I'm not comfortable with it and I'm a little upset and disappointed with her. I don't have my family near by so i was hoping she would be a better support, but so far she's just annoyed me. My hub tells her no with the food too, but she still doesn't listen. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
  14. oh poor you I'm in the luton area tomorrow i'll keep an eye out for her. Hope you find her soon.
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  16. Must be something in the water today, mine decided to have a mud bath too!
  17. Good advice Claret, I'll get used to my current girls first, give it a year and i'll look into getting some ex bats.
  18. Thank you, I've just looked at your girls and they are lovely too. My husband gave me the green light for some more girls yesterday... you've got some ex bats, do you think as a newbie they would be a good option for me? I'd love to give them a good life and some feedom. I've got the time as i'm a stay at home Mum, so give them lots of TLC. The only thing as a novice do you think i should wait a while and learn with the three i have now?
  19. Phylis decided to wreck my plant pot this morning and have a 'dust' bath in the rain ....... what a state to get into! How does she think she's now clean when she's covered in mud? Chickens!!! Who'd have 'em?!
  20. Myself and junior are visiting Stofold Poultry Centre this afternoon!! Is that swift enough??
  21. I'm really really sorry - I didn't mean it like that at all. I certainly didn't mean to be patronising or 'tell you off' in any way at all. I will now stop digging as I'm in a big enough hole already. Sorry. *hands richard a spade* Only joking, it's fine I didn't really take offence!! I've had words with my girls and they've taken no notice and are still snuggling up in the nesting area not taking a blind bit of notice to my 'telling off!' I did take my husband down to have a look at how cute they were last night, he did say we'll have to get some more girls so they can keep warmer together!! He should have learnt now that give me a inch. i'll take a mile!!

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