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  1. Thanks again everyone ...not long now. Garlic powder? Soooo much to learn hey ho i'm in the right place. Don't tell me i can get more chooks in Stotfold, far too tempting!
  2. Thank you, yes everyone is so friendly, I've had offers of help for bedding from two people that live nearby already!!
  3. I didn't actually sleep last night thinking about them! How sad is that!? Poor hub ... " r u awake?" all night long
  4. Most likely if my hub allows me!! i'll see how i get on with these ones first.
  5. Wow thank you everyone, really kind offers! I've got a farm near by with straw so I shall get some there in the morning and i've found a supplier for hemcore in Wheathampstead which isn't too far either. Thank you again for the offers, what a lovely bunch!!
  6. What's the best bedding for them, I have the morning to pick it up.
  7. As my girls are arriving tomorrow with their cube, I haven't bought any bedding!! Tell me they come with some bedding?? PANIC!!!
  8. The camera is on charge! Ready to *cough*bore*cough* show everyone!!
  9. Thank you for your messages, my girls are arriving with the cube so won't have to wait for them! I seem to be near lots of you, Luton, Hitchin and Biggleswade, that'll be handy if anyone wants me to look after their chooks for holidays etc, although I think I will need to learn how to look after my own first!! Right I'm just going to check the get together thing although I'm not so sure i can tear myself away from the girls that soon!!
  10. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo can't wait for them!!! I've turned into a bore, chicken this, chicken that!! *yawn*

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