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  1. I met a fellow omleteer working away, but i forget her user name .... JLO, JLS, JMS something like that?! Such a scatter brain these days ... anyway she was very nice and looked like she was enjoying herself surrounded by a cube and eglus!!
  2. Getting my garden landscaped starting tomorrow!! WIR being built by aviaries4u at the same time. Caravanning at the weekend beside a lake .... marvellous times ahead!!
  3. I have one (she wispers quietly) brilliant!!! Honestly I had really cracked hard heels, the egg soon sorted that out!! The skin is only disgusting to someone else, particuarly if you show your husband!
  4. Bless ... how cute are they!!!
  5. Apologies again for this thread, which i think was possibly posted during meal times!!
  6. Mine hate the attention, they can't even cope with the flea frontline stuff!!
  7. Well done on your theory btw! The course is quite tough, but the driving test is fine, just block the instructor out and practice, practice, practice. The 3rd part is hard, but my instructor was really awful and i didn't feel like i learnt anything from him, so obviously didn't excel. Don't go by my experience, everyone is different. Good luck, you'll be fine!
  8. Big boned susan, big boned!! Maybe i will talk to the vet about that tomorrow too, we usually talk about his weight when we go, which is understandable, but after the 3rd diet the vet put him on he has now conceded that he probably has a thyroid problem!! I've been telling them that for ages now but do they listen?!?!
  9. First for me too! I'm going to take him to the vet tomorrow to talk dosage with them, me thinks i will be unpopular with him again after that!!
  10. I saw them filming at the baby show in earls court, and got harassed to buy a birthing pool off one of them .... I'm not even pregnant!?!?!? My son did steal a balloon off one of their stands though!! (he's 2)
  11. I did that course, managed to pass the theory, driving test and then failed on the instructor training!!
  12. Just found a worm hanging out of my cats backside!!!!!! They are wormed reguarly, but he is a bit of a big boned*cough*fat*cough* cat so the tablets are obviously not enough for him!! Anyway needless to say i have just wormed my 3 cats and apart from a few scratches, job done ... although they are not speaking to me now. Not sure why i felt the need to share that with you all .... but i did anyway!
  13. Luckily i live near thornes, so me and DS go up there reguarly to have a chat with Frank and see the birds ... love the emu type birds! Florence is from there and she is just gorgeouliscious!!
  14. I have made the same mistake in the past. Sold one of my green Eglus and regretted it within a week. I bought a red one instead. Egluntine, I'm thinking you might need to purchase an orange one now, you have all the other colours!!
  15. ...due to some difficult girls not playing nice. I sold my orange eglu only recently, thinking i wouldn't have any need for it again!! Anyhow, I'm now the proud owner of a lovely nicer than the orange and this time i won't be selling it!!
  16. I think she is such a ridiculous woman!!!
  17. about 7 or 8 months for my girls, they look gorgeous now though!
  18. I know, it's such a relief as Beryl is such a lovely girl and it was heartbreaking to see her alone.
  19. I posted not so long ago about Beryl getting sick, the other girls all chased her and tried to kill her!! Anyhow to cut a loooooonnnnnnnnnnnnng story short Beryl was separated but got lonely, so following all your advice I got her a mate Florence. They are lovely together and are great pals!! Phew!! Phylis and Ag escaped from their run today and proceeded to attack my two girls Down the road from me there is a free range chook farm so I went to see them about rehoming them .... 3 acres of fields, lovely i thought, until the woman said they get 'rid' of this batch and then get a new lot in?! However annoyed i am with P and A I can't send them there, so I have decided today to buy a new eglu and persist with introductions for however long it takes. Incidently I might add, my lovely battery girls are fine with Beryl and Florence. Right thats off my chest now what colour does one go for???
  20. Lovely girls! My amber star is lovely and soft, would be tempted mind with another! No I'll only get into bother with the husband!!
  21. Hi loopylou, it's apparently another name for a amber star, she is beautiful though but i'm not sure how long she's going to stay that white!! Bless her, she's going to stick out like a sore thumb with all my brownies!!

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