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  1. Thanks everyone! Intoducing (sorry for the bad quality) Florence ...
  2. Just checked, they are tucked in together ....how lovely Berly seeing as she has been on her own for so long now.
  3. Beryl has a new pal ... Florence a silver nick from thornes Frank recommended her as they are really soft chooks and good with kids! I shall post a piccie very soon ....
  4. Thanks everyone! I think when the snow has gone I will just have to take a little trip to Thornes!! I will then introduce the two of them to the mob once they are comfortable with each other. Chickens eh such complicated little creatures!!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I think Tom and Poet you are right I should just get Beryl a new girl and let them have the run of the garden and let the thugs *cough* i mean other girls stay in their run for the time being!
  6. Hi tom, i thought about that, but what if i'm then adding to the problem and the new one picks on her too.
  7. Beryl has been off colour for about 2 months, she's been on antibiotics, lost her feathers and has slowly got her strength and her feathers back .... BUT the others have rejected her, i have tried everything ie free ranging together, dividing the run, putting individual chooks with her etc, but whatever i do they won't accept her and just very viciously attack her, so much so that i fear for her life. She currently lives in the shed and has the whole garden to herself while the others have their run and cube etc. Beryl is miserable and lonely and just follows us around the garden and the cats for a bit of company. I'ts breaking my heart to see her so low. So what shall i do???? All advice with be gratefully accepted.
  8. I've a feeling the bacon sarnies will be a thing of the past unless Omlet are bringing out a Piglu..... I'd love a piglu!!!!
  9. It's where i got my girls from ... brought a tear to my eye.
  10. Hello all, got a problem with my Beryl. A couple of weeks she was off colour all hunched, so took her to the vet who was unsure what was wrong with her so gave her some antibiotics. She perked up a bit, but then lost a ton of her feathers. She seemed ok but just kept herself to herself. I assumed the feather loss was taking it out of her a bit, but this morning she was being attacked by the other girls, including her best pal???? I have brought her in to the spare room for a bit of peace, but I'm now worried when she gets her feathers and strength back she won't be accepted back into the group. Although i'm also worried that she might not get back to full health. What shall i do? Any advice will be gratefully received. Ps she has been wormed and has no parasites and is only just over a year old.
  11. That's good then, nothing worse when you've waited for so long!! I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv mine soooooooooooo much!!
  12. *cough* Don't mean to spoil your excitement but i've just had a new woodburner fitted and i wasn't allowed to use if for the first day whilst something dried?!
  13. Great show! Bet people are lining up to get chickens now!
  14. Is it? I was asked if i wanted one, didn't quite know what to say!!
  15. i have long staight hair so my only experience would be a trim, and btw having lived in denver for two years, what in gods name are bangs???
  16. i know exactly how you feel, big needle phobic here!! I had a baby 2yrs ago and had to have lots of injections throughout and also having to have a c-sect i had to have anti clotting jabs so, can't say i am ok with them but got used to them. Best advice i can give is to take a couple of kalms before hand and also take someone with you (if you can) they can squeeze your hand throughout. I make sure i can lie down during them as i have almost always fainted. Tell the nurse or doc your fears and usually they are very good. Good luck! x
  17. 6 pitiful feathered creatures, looking very sorry for themselves. They have shelter but oh no, not my girls they like to suffer!!
  18. crazy women!! I stayed in bed for 4 days after mine as i had a c-sect, apart from the pain, I loved just lying in bed looking at my gorgeous wee baba ... lovely bit of bonding! Have to say though if it was a normal delivery there is no way on this earth i would be doing anything other than lying in bed recovering for at least 2 days!!!!
  19. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH they are lovely! Best buy last year for us and no you don't get hot. Soz can't remember the make without going upstairs and stripping the sheets but i got it from John Lewis ... bit expensive but for someone with a bad back it's heaven. GO FOR IT!
  20. I agree, really not fussed on other peoples children, but I would really like a sibling for my wee lad, but i'm very hesitant to be vomiting in my handbag in my car ever again!!!! Oh what a decision!!
  21. I've sent them back and exchanged for a bigger size! Got to wait for me boots now!

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