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  1. Thank you for all your replies so far ... it's given me food for thought! Maybe i should just get some more pets, he does love his chick chicks after all!!
  2. Thanks Nicki, i suppose I should just do it when it feels right, and that's obviously not now seeing as i'm in such a quandry (sp).
  3. I have a 2yrs 2month old little boy and have thought long and hard about this subject now, but just can't make my mind up!! Now? 6months? 1yr 2yrs More? NEVER?? Is it best they are closer in age or a bigger gap? Is it easier for you to have a bigger gap? I have to say i hated pregnancy being sick for 7 months and then a c-section at the end and i would also have to have another one with the second, so perhaps this is what is delaying things. All advice most welcome, thank you!!
  4. My celtic boots have just arrived, but are too small.
  5. Shouldn't of looked at this thread .... these are on their way!! http://www.celtic-sheepskin.co.uk/cat.asp?productCode=BR in brown ......
  6. Phil and Ted, best option, it's also not double width as the baby goes underneath so you you can go into shops easily!!
  7. I know what you look like!! Get posting that piccie, you've absolutely nothing to worry about. x
  8. Hope you make a quick recovery lyndsey! The chooks'll be waiting patiently for their Mother!
  9. I kept mine separate for 2 months, and really shouldn't have worried as one of my ex batts (Doris) is now Queen Bee! The ex batts are feisty little girls and usually hold their own!! Good luck.
  10. Thank you for the advice, I think he's now going to be ok, hes just gone down for his nap no problems! Bronze, he is ready but he's just excited by the fact he can get out and spends his time giggling, so he's not traumatised by the bed just excited!
  11. Advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second night now of doing the supernanny thing where we just put him back without talking to him, he got so upset we gave him a second bottle of milk ... which we are trying to wean him off anyway Bless he was so excited about the cot bars coming down too!
  12. It was the ex husbands new girlfriend (the one with the baby).
  13. Oh yes and i 'borrowed' a hamster from my neighbour when i was a little girl. I felt the little boy didn't clean it out enough, so she moved into my bedroom!!!
  14. Ok so i blatently stole them then!!! I heard through a friend that this woman had some kittens in horrible conditions, they were covered in fleas, ticks, skinny and her kids were seen throwing them around in the garden. SO i snuck into the porch where they were kept 'borrowed' them and walked away ...cool as a cucumber. They now live with my parents, as i already have 3 (rescue) cats, and are very happy!
  15. Wow what a gorgeous run, and i loved your pet stories .... you sound a bit like me, I 'borrowed' a couple of kittens from some awful women!!
  16. Yes i have seen it ...... brilliant film! Very sad at the end but well worth watching.
  17. My Doris was a right pain in the frilly knickers, but has now calmed down!!
  18. Bless them, they are lovely. Ex batts are such lovely girls. Mine are thriving and very feisty compared to the omlet girls!!
  19. Thanks, they are all dripping wet at the moment, for some reason they won't shelter and just enjoy sitting out in the rain. I hope your shoe is nice and clean now!! Naughty Aggie!!
  20. glad u got back in one piece, nice to meet u both today!

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