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  1. this might sound like a silly idea, but why not plant a small tree? they might like to sit in it and also sit under it when its sunny? (obviously not a bit whopper tree maybe something that sprouts sideways and not upwards!) Not a silly idea at all chelsea, I shall have a think about that one, i like it!!
  2. Thanks everyone! I still let them out in the garden though! Can't deprive them now can i!! My local poultry centre built it for me and built the netting deep into the ground to stop any digging!! We are right in the country and don't *touch wood* have any trouble with foxes, infact we never really see them. Right any ideas for entertainment in their run?!
  3. Thanks Lisa, hope you are well and had a good holiday!
  4. Oooh, at least a week, I reckon. Moonie, does the chicken wire go across the top too? No, so i'm going to raise the sides on the fence side to stop the foxes getting in. It was a man from Thornes who did it for me.
  5. It is a bit big innit!?! I' didn't think it would come out that large. The chook run builder man asked me if i was going to have more chooks?! ERrrrr NO!!
  6. One of my ex batts gives me an egg everyday, the others are every other day. This started about 2 weeks after arrival .... they may suprise you.
  7. Thanks for the replies, she layed the most perfect egg for the first time since having her today!!!! Hurrah! No wrinkles, no softness and a normal size!! Let's hope she stays like that.
  8. One of my ex batts Margot has been laying huge double yolkers with really thin and wrinkly shells. Her last two have been soft which she has layed on the wooden slats. I have been giving them limestone and grit in their food. She is the only one with probs ....what shall i do?
  9. Mine fell asleep in the car! They were all in a cat box together, quite snug. Good luck with your girls, they really are a pleasure.
  10. *cough* Margot is holding down a 104g one at the moment!! She's the smallest, scraggiest of my ex batts too!!
  11. Love it! particuarly the swingers!!!
  12. Marvellous news on the cube!! I love mine, so easy to clean and move around. Should of gone for blue though!
  13. 3 chooks can terrify a cat when they all come at it at once!
  14. I've just done it! I got my ex batts about a month ago and let them free range pretty much straight away, my new girls were in too bad shape and could certainly hold their own with the omlet girls. They all pecked a little bit but no fighting at all. Phylis my omlet girl hurt her leg but this wasn't anything to do with the batts as i initially thought and so she lived in our spare room for a week until she was ok to go back in with the omlet girls. I then decided they could all live together in the cube!!! It was fine, the batts managed the ladder, bar Doris the biggest and stongest ring leader!! She has to be placed in to bed at night! Doris and Peg have established themselves as the top of the pecking order, ousting the omlet girls out of their warm snug laying area .... bless they are now on the roosting bars with the little bald ex batt Margot. I did check on them every 10 mins and also sent the hub out every now and then to make sure Doris was behaving herself in there too!! So touch wood ...happy families!!!
  15. Poor little mites! I'm so sorry to hear what happened. Is there anyway you can get them to the vets?
  16. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I don't think your neighbour will have a leg to stand on really, unless he can prove your girls are a nuisence. Good luck though.
  17. Same happened here!! Margot sounded like a cockeral as soon as she laid an egg and then omlet girls decided to copy! They don't do it now though *touch wood* I think they were just settling in!
  18. ... when i decide to clean the girls out .....it bleedin well rains!!!

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