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  1. Lovely girls! You've done the same as me, I've got 3 omlet girls and then added 3 ex batts, I bought an eglu which i plan to sell on ebay once they are integrated! It's going well so far but not put them together yet as Phylis has a poorly leg and Doris the ex batt is pecking her a bit, so when she can defend herself a bit then i'll house them together.
  2. Sounds like the perfect job for you Chelsea!! Good luck!
  3. Quick query, Phylis was top of the order, but then hurt her leg and ended up living indoors with us for a week, then became bottom of the pecking order, is it possible for her to get back to the top once her leg has fully recovered?
  4. Bless little Bea. I'll let you know how she gets on tomorrow.
  5. Thanks poet, she goes in for her xray at 8am and i hopefully pick her up in the afternoon, it's a risk as she as to be anesthetised. Poor your girl, but she sounds like she is being well and truly pampered with you!! You have given me hope that she can still be ok. I thought the vet would advise me to have her put down if her leg is useless, but if yours still potters around then theres hope for my Phyl!
  6. That's a good idea Poet, I could use the omlet netting for Phylis during the day with a cat box for shelter. What's wrong with your chooks legs?
  7. Thanks Egluntine, I know i'm being daft, but it's just upsetting me because she is in pain and looks miserable without her girls. Chook eh!
  8. Hello all, i have posted a few times about Phylis and her poorly leg. She's booked into the vets tomorrow for an xray. Anyway my prob is that the vet today said she may not be able to use her leg properly again. I am unsure how she hurt her leg, my suspicions are with Doris the ex batt, Phylis was head of the pecking order and now Doris has taken that role. Do you think Doris could have broken her leg? Is this possible? So what do i do if fingers crossed, I get my Phyl back in the cube with the others and free ranging and Doris keeps attacking her because she sees her as a weak bird?? Please advise me anyone, I feel really upset at the moment, because i wanted them to get on so well and if i hadn't got the new girls in Phyl would be ok. Am i being ridiculous when it could have been anything that could have hurt her??
  9. Thank you all for your sterling advice. The hub has been at work all day so tomorrow morning Phylis will get a good bath. I hope she enjoys it like some of you say?!?
  10. Phylis is resting in the spare room at the mo with a bruised leg on the vets orders. We think one of the new girls scat her over some how or she jumped out of the cube awkwardly?! Anyhow, bless her she's sitting in a box and so getting lots of poo stuck to her bottom. I've never bathed a chicken before so would appreciate some tips. Many thanks!
  11. mmmmmmmmmm i like those too. Pigs... my hub won't let me get them
  12. Infact time for pics ..... With a pink trug The two together ...
  13. love it! Thanks Mrs Bertie, defo food for thought!
  14. Thank you Chelsea, all ideas have been noted for the husband!! My he is going to be busy!!
  15. Hello all! Thought i would call upon all your bright ideas and inspiration for a new chook run. I have just bought an extra bit of land at the bottom of our garden about 1/4 of an acre so ooodles of room. Anyway I have an eglu and a cube to incorporate and quite like this one http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12663 scrunchees one. What size would be best for 6 girls and what objects can i put in it to make it interesting for the girls. Also what is the best base, is it patio slabs and then hempcore on top?? All suggestions most welcome.
  16. He'll end up loving them like mine did.
  17. Where in herts are you? I'm near Hitchin, so if you ever fancied bringing your husband over to see what the cube is like is, you are very welcome.
  18. My girls are from the same rescue, and one of mine Margo is really inquisitive! She made into the kitchen with the usual culprit Aggie today!
  19. I hope so Poet, they make me sad and happy at the same time, if that makes sense. I long for them to not be scared anymore and just to enjoy life, but it's obviously going to take time. BTW Margo is barking!! It makes perfect sense and they'll be running round, tripping you up in no time. I sit on the bench now, pat the empty space next to me and they all jump up! It's brilliant because I thought they never would. I was longing to have chooks on my lap, now I can't stop them! Lots of TLC and patience and they'll get there, every day they breathe fresh air is a blessing. I love seeing them every morning, knowing that's another day of freedom under their feathery belts Look forward to it!
  20. I hope so Poet, they make me sad and happy at the same time, if that makes sense. I long for them to not be scared anymore and just to enjoy life, but it's obviously going to take time. BTW Margo is barking!!
  21. They're gorgeous!! Love to see some pics of your run too.
  22. Her first trip outside .... Doris not so keen yet, she's very agraphobic .....

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