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  1. You're right, just like my new girls, phew i was starting to get the impression no one believed mine were ex batts!! Lovely pics btw.
  2. Two more pics, the combs are quite floppy.
  3. No, but maybe these girls had bigger cages? Why would they have floppier combs? It's all new to me.
  4. Is very feathery!! I only got them yesterday so they are still very timid and finding their feet. But I thought i would show you a pic of Doris .... how fluffy is she! We are trying to work out how she managed to keep all her feathers?!?! Some of the others that were rescued were in a poor state. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
  5. *yawn* Only joking!! Don't worry about it, everyone is the same!!
  6. I've got my lovely girls, all in quite good shape, just in need of a bit of TLC. They took themselves off to bed by themselves after a good feed and a little potter in their eglu.
  7. Here it is .. http://www.freewebs.com/henrescue/
  8. Do they have a Website, Moonie? I can't seem to find one. Would be interested to read a bit more about the organisation. I don't think so egluntine, but they are always on the practical poultry website and www.ex-battery-hens.com. Also there is a little bit on http://www.smallestsmallholding.com/free-at-last-ex-battery-rescue/ Hope this helps.
  9. If you haven't heard about them before I thought I would just mention a great organisation called 'Free at last,' they are a smaller version of the BHWT and today rescued 211 battery hens. I am tomorrow collecting my 3 girls from a lovely helpful lady called Lisa and can't wait!! So a big for these great people who today have worked really hard to give a fab new life to these lucky girls.
  10. Hi Poet, I hope they are doing it to raise awareness, as it's such a sad subject. Particuarly as i have an 18 month old, it really is very uncomfortable to watch. BTW make sure you are online often as i will need you for lots of ex bat advice as i am picking my girls up from free at last this weekend!!
  11. Anyone watch it? How sad Was it necessary to have this storyline to raise viewing figures?
  12. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/2008/02/22/live-hen-found-on-lorry-engine-after-100-mile-trip-89520-20327644/
  13. I'm hopefully going to get 3 from Lisa this Sat, she has allocated homes for all the girls but is anticipating some people dropping out, so hopefully 3 will be available for me!
  14. Hi, I've put my name down for a couple of girls at the next Essex rescue, but still not heard, so would consider coming up to offer a home to yours. Is this still part of BHWT? I'm confused.
  15. It's lovely when they take themselves off to bed on their first night!
  16. I'm still waiting for my call for the essex rescue, so i assume i'm on the next one.
  17. Oh no i have all 3 of those!!! The shame!
  18. I just made it before them! So i feel smug too!
  19. Feel free to come to mine for a shower, if you live near lisa you live near me! I must admit we did work on our house with a newborn and it was a nightmare.
  20. How cute! I wonder if she will make some for my girls coming soon?
  21. Mine would never make their way to the kitchen ....Nope NEVER!!

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