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  1. Count me in for that! Jo xx Me too!
  2. Who, Rob? Bloke with the accent? Not sure, I don't think the woman said he was called Rob.
  3. You have to decide before you get them. I went for two, but plan on getting more in the future. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm you sound interested Hen watch, would you be thinking about getting some yourself?
  4. Yes i went to sofia a few years ago and loved it! Everything was really, really cheap and such good value. The skiing was good too.....enjoy!
  5. Thats good, I wanted an orange cube but the hub wasn't so keen so went for the blue, which is lovely, but put my foot down with the eglu!
  6. Hello you! I saw your fellow you like yesterday who had the dark hair at Thornes .....and um no can't see it myself?! Didn't rock my boat!!
  7. How very sad, poor you and your Mum for finding them.
  8. I've just ordered an orange eglu for my new battery girls!! Hub is happy, he wants the new girls to have a little palace when they arrive! I expect they will all eventually end up in the cube but i have got my eye on a couple of black silkies at my local poultry centre if the battery girls do decide they want to be with the others!
  9. Darn it, the egg in question has been generously given to the neighbour!!
  10. Hi Lisa, not long till your holiday now!! 30 days to go. Don't be surprised if you get some panicky calls from my mom with queries about the girls. I might register her on the Forum so she can get help if she gets stuck. She can call me whenever she likes.
  11. Hi Lisa, not long till your holiday now!!
  12. I didn't think of that!!!!!! I'll give that one to a neighbour, they'll never know!
  13. One of my cats killed a mouse yesterday and just left it on the patio. I let my girls out for the day and then spotted Beryl running around with the mouse in her beak. I watched her for a while and she started just slapping it around on the patio Blood and guts all over the place. Then just now I have just spotted Beryl running around with what's remaining of the carcuss!!!! Someone on here said they went for mice, but i didn't want to believe them!!
  14. Good grief!! Bet your popular with the neighbours!!!
  15. I've got it all to come, so I shall let you know.
  16. Gorgeous! And what a lovely neat garden you have.....me thinks won't last too long!!!
  17. My feelings too Sarah, although I woudn't go so far as to say I applaude anyone who rears and eats them because it's really not something I can understand. I can't even eat chicken at all now since I got my girlies and it's not like any of those chickens in a shop or restaurent came from my garden! Ditto, we've stopped eating chicken since our girlies arrived and without meaning to sound controversial in anyway, I certainly couldn't kill any bird I had looked after and inevitably become attached to over the 3 months.
  18. Mine have always slept in the nesting area, I did try and put a bucket in there to stop them, but they managed to all squeeze in there. I don't mind, they always look cosy tucked up in the nesting area.
  19. How very sad. My deepest sympathies with you and your family at this difficult time.
  20. Go for a cube, I started off with 3 girls and now i've got 2 ex batts on their way, you are a bit limited with the eglu if inevitably you end up expanding!
  21. I didn't realise that 'till my mum told me the other week. SPOOKY! It all falls into place now!! How is your Mum?

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