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  1. If you mean mash, Moonie, then get yourself to Thornes (opposite Fairfield Park, Stotfold) they've got all the mash and other food stuffs you could ever want! Just be careful not to come home with more chickens - I was there yesterday and could easily have impulse bought some bantams! Jo Hi Jo, yes i'm heading there tomorrow. I've been there a few times now and get very tempted to come back with a couple of girls! I always end up chatting to the oldish man that works there, he talks a lot and always offers up some good advice, although he doesn't approve of a few things like garlic in their food and hemcore, so I will try and avoid him tomorrow as he probably won't approve of mash!!!
  2. Stay at home mum to my ickle one year old. Previous to that a manager at a well know union. Currently trying to start my own business with a childs well needed product.
  3. MICE?!?!?! Ha! Yeah it's great watching the girls trying to catch one although they haven't quite worked out how to work as a team yet. The remnants of the mice tends not to be that pleasant though, I'm sure one of the girls swallowed one whole ...it came out that way but I have no idea who was responsible!! YUK!!! I'm horrified!!!
  4. *cough* I've um just emailed about 3 too! They sent an automatic reply to say that they were really busy due to the Jamie Oliver programme, so I look forward to hearing from them soon. Anyone know when the next rescue in Essex is?
  5. What's that green stuff you've got all over you garden then? And where's all the "messages" all over the patio? I think they're plastic hens, no poo and no mud!! Mrs Bertie I was wondering the same thing!!
  6. Three lovely eggs today!! Beryl has finally started to lay! Happy days!
  7. My husband said this too, i told him that they raise them for meat, he was so upset by the chicks i didn't want to make him any sadder.
  8. She's on her way! *rings DHL* Would you like delivery of one of my cats who likes to bring me mice for pressies most mornings?!?!? Any takers?!?
  9. Is this normal?? Look at the size of that slug!! Aggie chased her round the garden, trying to grab at it?!! Also why did they choose to stay out in the garden all day at get completely soaked? Is this normal too?!
  10. My 1yr old has it at the mo, he's napping now but has been sick loads We had him sleep with us last night as i was worried he might choke on his vomit, he then threw up all over us at about 3am Bless his cottons, it scares him everytime he's sick. Just wish i could take it away for him.
  11. Sorry to hear he's in hospital. He's in good hands now. Get well soon x
  12. I think i must have spoken to the same woman a couple of months ago!! I couldn't get my 1yr old to drink anything either and she just kept on saying that i needed to try harder!! In the end we used a syringe to get the water down, but yes they are very unhelpful! My son at the moment as the sickness bug, but is luckily drinking loads.
  13. Phylis started squatting one day and then came up with the goods the very next day!! Very advanced my girls!!
  14. Poor you You obviously gave her a lovely life, it will be hard for a while, but you can look back and think of all your fond memories you had with her.
  15. Thank you everyone, Phylis crouched again this evening, so i assume we're in for another treat tomorrow!
  16. we shared it, and joined it with sausage and mash ....no ketchup! And yes it was the best tasting egg ever!!
  17. Thank you Christian, now decisions, runny egg buttie with lots of ketchup??

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