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  1. From now on, they will go in every evening without problems "problem solved" 👍
  2. One of my chickens put their eggs also all around the garden....but after a while....they all go to the nesting box...be patient....all will be good in the end Dont worry, you bought the best coop available on the market! They will use it as the are supposed to, but they need a bit of time....
  3. Yes, I started this threat and found a solution It are not really the roosting bars that are the problem (of course the need to get the habbit), but it is the lack of light in the cube! What you have to do is (aprox 1hour before it gets dark) to put a bright light in back of the cube. The chickens go towards the light.... I have the coop light as well, but this wasnt bright enough, but a big led-torch did the trick.... You will see that they go to sit next (or on) the torch.... Once the door is closed, remove the torch... After 2 weeks I stopped this ritual, and they went in all
  4. I don't need to block it off, because I have a cube Mk2 that has a divider for the nest box. But as they never done it before, I didn't do it yet. Yesterday I moved the light that I put in there at night, and it worked! Before, the light was in the nest box, so that the coop was free for them... Now, I put the light in the coop...and yes, they go in without trouble and go and sit around the light.... So finally, that is the trick! Put a light in the coop and all chickens automatically gather around it...simple as that!! I hope I can help, other people that have trouble getting chi
  5. For the people interested... I booked some progress... I put a little board richt after the autodoor....to thin to sit on... So if the first one wants to stay at the entrance, she is very unstable. The rest can push her in. This was a little progress, all the chickens were in, but their heads were still sticking out :-) Now I put light in the coop (I had the omlet coop light, but it goes on for only 5 minutes...that is not enough), and a little bit of treats at the end of the coop. Now they all go in (2 nights in a row), but now they sleep in the nest-space!! I think it has clearl
  6. Waiting doesn't help either, I left the door open one night when we went out, and we came back at 1 AM and they were still sitting the same way...no one wants to move an inch...
  7. This looks a lot like mine.... That is my plan...I keep on taking them in every night.... but I hope they will get it someday....
  8. That wood be very strange as the coop is brand new, and I inspect it daily...no trace from mite. I clean it once a week completely, with infecto+ spray just to be on the safe side, use ambiose, diatomaceous earth and tobacco stems in the tray as prevention.... So it is almost impossible that there would be mites in the coop The ventillation should be ok in an omlet I suppose, or do I have to do something extra here? They stay outside on warm evenings but also on chilly evenings...
  9. Hello, I have the eglu cube mkII and 3 Pekin bantams. In the evening they all go up the ladder to sleep, BUT....once one chicken enters the coop, it stays in the doorway! It turns around, facing the ouside and sits there...lets no one else pass!! It can be any of the three chickens...the first that enters the coop stays... I tried to put treats in their coop, put hay, push them... nothing helps! As soon as I take them in manually, they stay inside...but I have to do it each night before the autodoor shuts!! If they sit like that, the autodoor keeps on trying to close
  10. I have an autodoor as well, but I installed it just yesterday. I didn't have any problems yet (of course) but I'm following this tread closely....
  11. If the run has tarps on it (but they can always roam outside of course), and they have the possibility to find shelter by rain. Don't they suffer from cold when temperatures drop?
  12. Hello, I want to buy some pekin bantam chickens, but I have the choice between curly feathered or normal.... Personal I kind of like the curly feathered, but I was wondering if there are disadvantages at curly feathered chickens.... Don't they suffer from the cold in winter and rain?? As the feathers are supposed to keep a layer of air around the chicken for isolation.... Anyone has experiences with this? Greetings
  13. I ordered the cube with the wheels and ladder...but no problem, I'll build one myself. It is just something that would be nicer if Omlet made it themselves...the colors would match and so on... I think I will propose it to them, you'll never know

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