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  1. We have only had our door for 3 days so this is probably new user entry level stupidity however, the door closes at level 6 (default works fine) and opens at 26 (default open setting) and it’s not early enough. If I want the door to open earlier (more daylight) do I programme above 26? i know I can use timer but would like to see if light sensor works? Thanks,
  2. A local tree surgeon dropped off a substantial amount of (free) wood chips from a pine tree to go in our 3m paved run.There are leaves, some pine needles and some bark mixed in not a huge amount but it is there.I’m concerned that it’s not as cleanly processed as the bought hard wood chip, I’m reluctant to pay £100 for the deluxe play grade wood chip but obviously would if there was any risk to the chickens? I’m aware of spores in bark and the impact on the chickens respiratory system so some guidance would be appreciated on if I can use, even short term?
  3. Thanks, really helpful. Think I’ve figured it out! Fingers crossed 🤞
  4. I was hoping someone could help with the actual dimensions of the 3m run, from the start of the coop (not including).Just the width of the top, height from top of run to the floor (excluding skirt) and length from housing edge to the end of the run? I’ve attached a picture to help! Some integral weatherproofing required in Scotland! Thanks so much, i did try work out from the specification on the web but just not entirely confident!! I know it’s a bit of an ask but trying to get ahead before our feathered friends arrive (and the Eglu cube!) Thanks in advance to anyone that can be bothered!! J
  5. Thank you so much for this, greatly appreciated. I spent most of the afternoon reviewing a thread on predator attacks (heartbreaking 💔) so I think for us too an omlet fence will work as a starting point for supervised free ranging! The protection of the run sounds simple enough, will make sure we measure up to try protect as much as possible from the wind and rain.As for the numbers, originally I thought 3 hybrids based on calculations however I’ve had conflicting advice from 3 up to 8 so feel more comfortable with your suggestion of 3 as 6-8 sounded way too many chickens!
  6. We are finally ready to add some chickens to the family! This plan was fully considered before COVID 19 but the additional time has been a blessing as who knew!! I feel I could go on mastermind already with all the reading, prep and planning!Our Eglu cube +3m run is due early May and have prepared a concrete paved area for the run and plan to use hardwood chips as a base and free range round our garden when we are home in the afternoons and more at the weekends.My questions are, living in rural Scotland what’s the best way to protect the Eglu 3m run from the elements, keeping the chickens and hardwood base from being a soggy mess?Tarp? Cover the roof, all round or partially?Wind and rain here can easily go sideways! The run will be semi permanent as would like to move to go in and clean out the worst bits regularly in the run by moving to another part of the garden. Secondly,letting the chickens out to free range (as we plan to do daily )we don’t see many foxes if any but is a standard move and peg fence enough if we are not monitoring the chickens every minute of free ranging time? We would only be in the house but I’m not sure how much you need to monitor, can you nip into the house and make a cuppa without the risk of returning to a feathery massacre?I was looking at the Omlet 20m fence but did look at electric but I think that’s more if they free range all the time while you are out? We are to get hybrids the number undecided (4 or 6?) I don’t want to over crowd as realistically on a horrible day here even the locals want to stay close to home and on the dark nights/morning will spend more time in the 3m run than out. Thanks for advice in advance, want to get this right and so far the forum has been a fantastic source of information.

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