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  1. Morning Ukbutton1 I'd be interested in the Classic on its own, but don't need the run. I am in Oxford so it would be easy to collect ... let me know if you'd be interested in selling just the Classic and what price you'd want. But, as Patricia W says, why not keep? I am only looking for second one as I am moving my chickens from a 3 m run to a walk-in. My existing Classic will be connected to the walk-in, so I am vaguely looking for a second one to use with my existing 3 m for introductions and sickness ... That's unless I succumb to a Cube first
  2. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    Mine don't seem to be gobbling it up too much now, but they are doing a lot of free ranging at the moment (as my husband and teenager children are still at home all day) and so I suspect they are picking up plenty of lovely things from the garden they can access!
  3. I agree about the fact that having the classic on the ground seems wrong. My two don't seem to mind I do and as soon as I have persuaded my husband to build me a walk-in-run ( 🤞), I aim to have the Classic on a table/shelf in the run. Something like this picture, but with space to remove the dropping tray at the back (which this, oddly, doesn't seem to have). Or I might have the table/support outside the run for ease of access? Still planning that one ...
  4. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    Completely with you on the 'is too much grit a thing' question 😂 A week or so in, however, they do seem to have calmed down and don't munch it quite so much. I think mine must have recognised a deficiency and were making up for lost grit-eating time?
  5. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    Just to conclude this saga ... I got the test result back from Westgate Labs (very impressed with their service) and the result was 'no eggs seen' which was a huge relief! Since removing the ACV in the water, switching to growers pellets from the layers mash they came with, and changing to the new grit their digestion has settled down (so properly digested grass/greens, no 'blood') and the hen I was worried about seems much happier: tail not drooping, much more energetic, cheeky. So a good result. Thank you for all the advice and hand-holding!
  6. I dithered choosing between Green Frog and an Omlet house. In the end I went to visit the maker in Dorset on the way back from a family holiday. ( I was mighty popular with my three, tired children!!). I liked the fact that Green Frog uses recycled plastic and all the products are manufactured there in Dorset. I also really liked the separate nesting boxes and the perches. However, I thought the insulation on the Omlet products was probably a good idea, and (superficial person that I am) I greatly preferred the 'look' of the Omlet products. In the end, the decision was made for me as I managed to get a second-hand Classic with run. I've only had it three weeks but am really delighted with how easy it is to clean, how comfy the chickens seem and how nice it is to look at! In Omlet terms, I have used a friend's Go Up and at school I use a Cube, and I don't like either as much as the Classic.
  7. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    I think you'll be delighted when the grit arrives As I said, they went from no interest in the grit pots to couldn't keep away! Not sure how the girls are. I am quite worried about them. I'll will be sure to post updates and hopefully all will turn out well.
  8. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    I thought I would come back on here to thank Dogmother for the recommendation of the Gourmet Grit: my lovely girls adore it ... can't stop chomping. I am hopeful that this will help their tummies. I posted the poop sample off to Westgate this morning so we shall see what comes back from that.
  9. And I ordered a classic run with the run extension in late March. (I had been given a second hand Classic but no run so just needed to buy the run.) It was due in second week in May. When it didn't arrive, I chased and chased. The extension part arrived over a week late (damaged) and the main part has never turned up! I think it's fair to say they are having production issues and major delivery issues.
  10. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    I was just out with the the hens, doing a little chatting to them, and I noticed this on the woodchips in the run. Just an isolated spot of blood, I presume. My suspect hen is also droopy tailed. It doesn't look too good, does it? Anyway, I will send off a fresh poop sample to Westgate tomorrow.
  11. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    I have the worming kit now and will send it off tomorrow. Their verdict on the photos was that it was worth getting a worm egg count So we shall see ... In the meantime, I now have growers pellets so will switch them on to that. As they are on layers crumb at the moment, how would be the best way to introduce them to the new food? A mixture for a few days?
  12. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    Good to know. They are on only pure water now and I will stick with that for the time being. Thank you again. There was still the tiniest bit of stringy red in the overnight droppings this morning so I have sent photos to Westgate (taken over three days so they can see the change/improvement over the days). (No mucus.) I have GastroGrit arriving today!
  13. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    Thank you, Beantree. I was using a dilution of 10 ml per litre but I've just changed that to 5 ml/litre in one and fresh water in the other drinker (I have two Glug things as one came with the second hand Classic and I bought a new one). Excellent idea. Thank you again.
  14. HRJ

    Red in droppings

    Today's poop watch revealed ... no red!! (There was a tiny bit of pink but I had to hunt to find it.) There was quite a lot of undigested grass but not so much mucus so I think my ladies' guts are sorting themselves out but they probably still need more grit in their diets. (As a matter of interest, without mums to teach them these things, how do they know to eat grit?) To try to encourage them, I mixed in a little (1tbsp) corn with their grit yesterday and shook it around in an enticing manner ( 😂) and both had a little chomp of that so I'll use that technique again today. I've ordered some Gastro Grit and will keep them on the stronger mix of AVC for the rest of the week. Thank you so much for all your advice Beantree and Dogmother. It has been a wonderful reassurance to have your knowledge at my fingertips.

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